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Wood-Mizer Vortex Dust-Removal Blade

Wood-Mizer Vortex: Unique blade profile removes dust while sawing to reduce the need to use a deduster/board cleaner later in the process. It leaves...

The Sweed Scrap Band Chopper Model 300 Scrap Chopper

Sweed’s line of scrap choppers process: PET plastic strapping, steel banding, baling wire, tube scarf, slitter edge trim, bandsaw blades, doctor blades, coater blades,...

LEAN: 8 Wastes

This is a graphical representation of how we can detect if you have a Lean organization by TECOEnergyInc.

Go Wood: Logging of Long-Gone Days

Video explores a collection of old logging pictures set to blue grass music.   A trip down memory lane sure shows how difficult logging used to...
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