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If you are a supplier of machinery, equipment, products or services to the forest products industry, TimberLine connects you to thousands of buyers. Boost your sales through a successful advertising campaign in print and online with TimberLine.

TimberLine is a national magazine and trading post for the forest products industry. It serves loggers, sawmills, firewood processors, re-manufacturers, wood biomass facilities, treaters and wood processors.

From company features to the latest on new technology to industry news, safety and environmental issues, TimberLine covers a wide variety of topics. The combination of lively features and unique stories gives TimberLine a great place to tell your story and enhance your brand. Because of TimberLine’s commitment to a complete editorial package, your advertisement is sure to be seen month after month.

Enhancing our commitment to the forest products sector, TimberLine has launched a new website in 2019 with more options for content and promotion. Each month TimberLine focuses on a different type of equipment area, these focuses provide a great guide to buyers looking to research equipment purchases.

Beyond the print edition, TimberLine content appears in a full digital edition that mimics the print publication in addition to articles appearing on the website that are indexed by major search engines. These articles further help our partners expand their brand. TimberLine also offers various social media options as part of our content packages. Be sure to ask your ad representative how we can offer so much more than just an ad.

Find out about our competitive rates and large readership. Call Gary Stergar at 800-805-0263 or email gary@timberlinemag.com.


TimberLine 2024 Online Ad Opportunities

With the newly designed website, TimberLine now offers a wide variety of standard ad sizes. These ads appear throughout the TimberLine website. Currently, TimberLine has thousands of articles in its online archive making it one of the larger industry-focused websites on the Internet.

For information on online ad pricing, contact Gary Stergar at 800-805-0263 or email gary@timberlinemag.com.

Leaderboard Ad - 728x90

Leaderbord Ad Example - 728x90

The 728×90 size ad appears at the top of the page on all pages.

Rectangular Ad, Large - 600x150

Rectangular Ad, Large Example - 600x150

The 600×150 size ad appears on the homepage and inside articles page.

Sidebar Ad - 300x100

Sidebar Ad Example - 300x100

The 300×100 size ad appears on the top of the sidebar on most all pages.

Inline Article Ad - 300x250

Inline Article Ad Example - 300x250

The 300×250 size ad appears in the middle of all article pages.

Wide Skyscraper Ad - 300x600

Wide Skyscraper Ad Example - 300x600

The 300×600 size ad is a special use ad that can appear in a number of places and pages. It cannot be placed on the homepage or video archive page.