TimberLine Covers Industry Success Stories, You May Be Next

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Have you ever wondered how we identify and develop the stories that appear in TimberLine? Many times, we hear about leads from major suppliers or we find a company doing something interesting and seek to write a story on the operation. Currently, we are seeking good stories to feature for the future. So, if you have ever wanted to appear in print and online and tell your story. Now is the time!

The process is simple, and you will be involved from start to finish. This ensures accuracy, engaging content and a boost to your online marketing approach. Most customers or business partners will research you online. Having third-party coverage, such as TimberLine, is a great way to boost your online marketing presence.

Our staff directs and guides the process. And there is no cost to the company being featured. All you need to do is be available for a phone interview, article review and assist us with getting images.

What do you get out of it? The first thing is that you have third-party coverage of your business that you can link from your website and social media. You will also increase the visibility of your company across the industry. Plus, when companies research your business, you will have a positive, accurate story to share. This story will exist on the Internet for a long-time and will help shape your online reputation long after the print issue has gone. Many companies have loved to feature and share about their people, which is always a good morale boost for workers.

If there is information that you don’t want to share, we will work with you to keep confidential anything that is too sensitive to share while developing a story that you can be happy to see in print and our readers will find worth their time.

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What do you need to do to raise your hand and share your story? It’s simple. Please email Gary Stergar at gary@timberlinemag.com or call 804-550-0323, extension 104. In the e-mail subject header please write “TimberLine Success Story.” In the message, please explain what makes your company a good success story. Describe any challenges you have overcome as well as what makes your company a good fit for customers. Also, please provide a list of major equipment suppliers so we know a bit about your machinery. All of this information will be kept confidential with our staff in the initial assessment phase.

Potential customers and business partners are doing research online. This includes people you want to reach. This free opportunity is a great way to boost your online and industry profile while giving your employees recognition for their contribution to your success.

Don’t wait. Send in your submission today to gary@timberlinemag.com. Maybe your story will be selected. It only takes a few minutes to put your name in for consideration.