Bandit Holds 40th Anniversary Event

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Bandit Industries recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with a two-day corporate event. It included a welcome reception, plant tours and equipment demonstrations. The event wrapped up with a dinner and entertainment.

Visitors from the U.S. and 15 different countries attended, including Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Guatemala, Indonesia, New Zealand, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

It was the first time Bandit has hosted an event at its headquarters in Remus, Michigan, since 2018. Since then, Bandit has added new models, conducted numerous building expansions, added multiple new dealers, and increased employees by over 70 percent.

“We were excited to show all attendees the numerous changes that have occurred at Bandit since our last event,” said Jason Morey, Bandit’s corporate marketing manager.

Visitors got a guided tour of the company’s corporate headquarters. Employees from each department talked and answered questions.

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The visitors were treated to lunch at the equipment demo site. After lunch, various  models were demonstrated, including a new horizontal grinder that will be introduced in the near future. The company also demonstrated a model 1425 coloring mulch, multiple brush chippers, and four whole tree models, including the Trelan 786 and Bandit 3590XL, which filled a trailer van in just under 8 minutes. The demos concluded with the model 3680 track Beast grinding logs and chunk wood. Visitors had the opportunity to see the machines up close after the demo and to operate a stump grinder.

Attendees were treated that evening to a sit-down dinner and a casino night for entertainment.

In addition to the corporate event, additional events were held around the country and co-hosted with select dealers throughout 2023. In all the company scheduled 24 events to mark its 40th anniversary and for Bandit staff to meet and thank customers.