Nyle Unveils Groundbreaking High-Temperature Continuous Kiln

Active Heat Recovery System
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Nyle Dry Kilns, a leading supplier of lumber dry kilns with a track record spanning over four decades, has unveiled its latest groundbreaking innovation: the ProDRY series of High-Temperature Continuous Kilns.

These state-of-the-art kilns represent a significant leap forward in kiln technology, seamlessly merging cutting-edge European progressive designs with Nyle’s extensive lumber-drying expertise and deep understanding of the U.S. markets. The ProDRY series is an unparalleled drying solution poised to revolutionize the industry and redefine the standards of excellence, according to Nyle.

At the forefront of what distinguishes ProDRY kilns is unrivaled energy efficiency. These innovative kilns are ingeniously divided into independent zones, enabling the simultaneous drying of various wood species at temperatures reaching an impressive 260°F. Each zone is equipped with Dual Active & Passive Heat Recovery Systems, a groundbreaking technological advancement that maximizes heat retention and virtually eliminates the need for costly ‘reheating’ processes. This revolutionary feature ensures that energy wastage is minimized, resulting in substantial fuel savings for lumber producers and fostering sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Nyle ProDRY HighTemperature
Continuous Kiln
Nyle ProDRY High Temperature Continuous Kiln

Operational convenience and efficiency have been prioritized in the design of the ProDRY series of kilns. Strategically positioned above the kiln is a cutting-edge ‘Zero Footprint’ Control Room, providing access for monitoring and controlling the entire drying process. By eliminating the need for additional yard space, this innovative design optimizes the overall operational efficiency of the kilns, allowing lumber producers to streamline operations and maximize productivity.

Another standout feature of the ProDRY kilns is the inclusion of a unique ‘Weekend Helper’ staging area. In this enclosed staging area lumber producers can store and prepare multiple zones of lumber, enabling continuous kiln operation even during weekends and holidays. This feature not only maximizes productivity but also protects the lumber from the weather, ensuring the highest quality of dried lumber and providing producers with peace of mind knowing that kiln operations will continue uninterrupted.

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Nyle ProDRY kilns offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of energy options. Lumber producers can choose from a diverse range of energy sources, including steam and hot water coils, gas-fired furnaces, or high temperature heat pumps, tailoring the kiln to meet their specific requirements and optimize their drying processes. This expanded array of energy options enables sawmills to select the most cost-effective and efficient solution for their operations, reducing energy costs and enhancing overall profitability.

Passive Heat Recovery System

Nyle ProDRY kilns incorporate an integrated VOC Recovery System. This innovative system curbs the release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, promoting sustainable lumber drying practices and minimizing environmental impact.

Nyle ProDRY kilns not only boast cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance but are also meticulously designed with user convenience in mind. With their exceptional drying capabilities, user-friendly operation, and unparalleled energy efficiency, these kilns represent a remarkable stride forward in the lumber drying industry. The ProDRY Kilns are poised to transform how lumber producers approach the drying process, offering them a superior solution tailored to their specific needs and delivering optimal results.

“Weekend Helper” Staging Area

To learn more about Nyle ProDRY Kilns, explore the comprehensive information and resources available by visiting Nyle’s website, kilns.nyle.com.