Tigercat Unveils New Silviculture Carrier

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Tigercat has introduced the 630H silviculture carrier, which replaces modified agricultural tractors with a purpose-built carrier to pull mounding and plow implements in preparation for replanting operations.

Tigercat, which has contributed significantly to increased efficiencies in timber harvesting operations, is putting focus on gaining efficiencies in the silviculture side of the forest industry. Many forestry companies struggle to prepare post-harvest sites for replanting with modified farm tractors. However, these machines are not up to the task, often suffering from insufficient power, cooling capacity and structural durability.

Tigercat developed the 630H silviculture carrier to address these deficiencies. Based on Tigercat’s skidder platform, the machine is equipped with hydraulic connectors and several drawbar receiver variations to adapt to a variety of plow or mounding implement connection points. In addition, the carrier can be equipped with an optional winch and bolt-on fairlead system. The whole package is factory equipped and ready to work.

Initial studies conducted by Mexican forestry company, Proteak indicate that the Tigercat 630H carriers are quicker, more productive, and more fuel efficient than the farm tractors that they are replacing. Operators are safe and comfortable in a climate controlled cab equipped with an air ride suspension seat and ergonomic armrest mounted controls.

For more information, contact a Tigercat dealer or visit www.tigercat.com.

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