AI Tapped for Quality Control in Lumber

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KSM Vision, a start-up business based in Poland, offers an AI-driven optical system for quality control for industries, including lumber.

Designed to automate quality control of defects as minor as a pinhead, it can save companies over 0.5 million (EURO) on salaries alone in the span of the year while significantly improving the safety of the workers, the company said.

KSM Vision aims to augment efficiency and reduce waste in the lumber industry as well as in the pharmaceutical, beauty, and food industries.

KSM Vision’s system can scan up to 36,000 items per hour. Early identification of these defects saves manufacturers from the cost of discarding an entire batch, prevents the market from receiving flawed products, and ultimately contributes to a more sustainable and efficient manufacturing process.

“We can support quality control in different industries — from lumber to pharmaceuticals,” said Krzysztof Malowany, CEO of KSM Vision. “Our advantage lies in our proficiency in both hardware and software. This allows our AI solutions to easily merge with existing technologies, whether production lines or machines. Five minutes is how long it takes to adapt to a new product. Solutions without neural network embedded take significantly longer.”

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The system can replace manual product inspections, notorious for high costs, poor repeatability, and frequent inaccuracies. Crafted by engineers, this detection system can precisely pinpoint production anomalies, requiring only a few dozen examples of perfectly manufactured products. That’s a stark difference from rival models that demand extensive databases of correct and incorrect examples.