Bandit Offers Range of Chippers

The Bandit 20XP chipper is an entry-level whole tree track chipper, a compact, yet rugged machine for lot and land clearing applications. It is also available as a rubber tire model.
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When Mike Morey Sr. started Bandit in 1983, he was determined to build a quality, heavy-duty chipper reducing customer downtime. This philosophy has not changed since then as each chipper is built with the highest quality components and steel.

The drum inside each Bandit whole tree chipper is extremely durable. These drums feature reinforced knife pockets and thick drum skins to provide years of dependable service. Each wear area is built with thick steel, ensuring longevity and reduced downtime. To complement this durable design each Bandit whole tree chipper is standard with a 5-year or 3,000-hour ‘GUTS’ warranty covering the Bandit manufactured components of the feed system and drum.

All Bandit drum-style chippers feature the patented slide box feed system. This system is known for providing unmatched pulling and compressing power, reducing the need to reposition material and simplifying feeding. The slide box feed system allows the top feed wheel to travel straight up and down, providing direct downward pressure as material is fed into the chipper drum. The standard hydraulic lift cylinder (or cylinders) creates abundant downward pressure and compresses stubborn limbs and branches into the feed system.

Bandit chippers discharge chips at a tremendous velocity, fully loading chip vans quickly to maximum capacity. Each discharge transition is designed to provide maximum airflow, allowing for more chips in the truck, reducing transportation costs and spillage on the ground. Due to the powerful discharging action, auxiliary blowers are not needed when producing a smaller chip size.

Every Bandit chipper is equipped with a wide profile, heavy-duty infeed hopper. The 20XP, 2090, and 2290 model track chippers are standard with a 30-inch weld-on tray and can be ordered with an optional 5 ½-feet infeed conveyor. The remaining drum-style models are standard with a 7 ½-feet infeed conveyor. Each conveyor assists with loading material and further simplifies the process when feeding shorter pieces into the chipper.

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Bandit whole tree chippers can easily produce a variety of chip sizes. Dual edge or Babbitted style knives are available on most models. For customers who do not require a consistent chip size, dual edge knives are recommended; if a consistent, specific chip size is required, Babbitted style knives should be outfitted on the machine. The standard chip size is 5/8-inch with additional chip sizes of 3/4-inch, 7/8-inch, or 1-inch options available.

Bandit chippers also are very efficient at producing a 3/16-inch microchip for pellet production. A special drum with additional knives is required to produce a microchip. If the micro-drum option is ordered and a standard chip size is needed, then the additional knife pockets can be blocked off. Bandit chippers are often the preferred solution for this application as microchips can be produced using less fuel, and the chipper does not need a separate auxiliary blower to assist with discharging chips.

Bandit’s most popular whole tree chipper is the Model 2590. Officially rated as a 22-inch capacity, it actually has a 26.25-inch by 30-inch chipper throat opening, so it easily handles large whole trees, tops, and logging slash.

Bandit whole tree chippers come standard with wireless radio remote control with tether back-up. They control all chipper functions, including the feed system and discharge. If the machine is a track unit, the remote control also will operate the track drive function. Each remote control system features an Engine E-Stop to shut the machine down.

Bandit’s line of entry level 20-inch capacity chippers serves a variety of contractors, including tree services, lot and land clearing specialists, right-of-way clearing or maintenance, fire prevention, and more. Two models are offered, the 20XP and 2090. Both are available with engine options ranging from 275 to 350 hp. An optional Kesla loader can be ordered on both models; this loader features 360-degree rotation and has exceptional lifting and pulling capabilities.

The model 20XP is available as a rubber tire or track model and is a great solution for those needing a compact chipper with whole tree capacity. With an open top infeed design, feeding the 20XP is simplified.

For contractors who require a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of applications, the model 2090 may be a good choice. The 2090 can only be ordered as a towable model. It has approximately 20 percent more pulling power compared to the 20XP as it features an additional top feed wheel motor and a larger diameter top feed wheel. The 2090 can be ordered with an optional hydraulic winch. Because of this feature, the 2090 is standard with an operator’s control bar.

For contractors specializing in clearing or maintaining right-of-way, land clearing, and fire prevention projects, and looking for a little more power, the 20-inch capacity model 2290 track machine is an excellent option. This compact whole tree chipper is available with engine options ranging from 350 to 525 hp. It is the only Bandit whole tree chipper on tracks that is available with an optional operator cab and loader. This unit comes standard with a 270-degree hydraulic swivel discharge, allowing chips to be spread out over a site; a stationary forestry style discharge is optional.

Bandit offers a variety of drum-style models ranging from 22-inch to 36-inch capacity for more production. Each model is highly capable of fully loading chip vans in 8-20 minutes. These are the preferred choice of numerous logging professionals. The various models consist of towable or track configurations of the model 2590 and 3090 with capacity ratings of 22 inches and 24 inches. Available engine options include the Caterpillar C18 755 or 800 hp.

All Bandit drum chippers feature the patented slide box feed system. This system, highlighted on the Model 2290 above, provides excellent pulling and compressing power, reducing the need to reposition material and simplifying feeding. The slide box feed system allows the top feed wheel to travel straight up and down, applying downward pressure as material is fed into the chipper drum.

The model 3590 series are the largest and most powerful available from Bandit. The Model 3590 standard is a 30-inch capacity chipper available as tow-behind or track machine and can be equipped with engine options ranging from 755 to 1,050 hp. The model 3590XL, even more powerful, can fully load a chip van in less than 10 minutes. With a 48-inch diameter by 48-inch wide chipper drum and a larger 36-inch high by 48-inch wide chipper opening, the 3590XL easily processes multiple whole trees at one time. Engine options ranging from 875 to 1,200 hp are available.

Bandit has manufactured whole tree chippers since 1988 and was the first to develop a self-propelled model. The company expanded the whole tree chipper product line by producing a drum-style chipper, called the Model 2090, in 2005. Since then, Bandit has engineered a complete line of highly productive drum-style chippers. Bandit acquired the Trelan company – a manufacturer of quality disc style chippers since the 1970s – in 2021.

This acquisition further enhanced Bandit’s line of whole tree chippers, now a diverse line of disc and drum style chippers.

The Trelan line of disc-style chippers has enhanced Bandit’s line of whole tree chippers by providing the ability to produce a high quality paper chip. These machines are simple and economical to maintain. They feature large throat openings, enabling them to process larger diameter material. Two models are available, the 686 and 786. The model 686 is available with a Caterpillar C18 800 hp or C27 875 hp engine; the model 786 is available with a Caterpillar C27 875 or 1,050 hp engine. Three or 4 knife chipper disc options can be ordered with chip sizes ranging from ]!-inch to 1 inch.

Bandit’s line of whole tree chippers is supported by a highly trained dealer or the Bandit factory. For those supported by a dealer, each dealer has qualified sales, parts and service personnel that receive ongoing training from Bandit. These dealers carry a wide variety of parts and machines to meet your needs and are supported by Bandit regional sales and parts representatives. If there is no authorized dealer in your area, then the Bandit factory would handle all your parts, sales and service needs. Bandit employs experienced and knowledgeable personnel and has multiple service trucks on the road to service factory direct customers.

The Bandit-Trelan Model 786-WRC EXTREME is a whole tree disc chipper. It is the largest of the three Trelan disc chippers that are offered. It provides high production chipping with minimal downtime, increasing productivity and overall efficiency.

Bandit has manufactured equipment for a multitude of wood processing markets since 1983. The vision since the beginning has been to build quality, highly productive, easy to maintain equipment providing years of dependable service. The commitment for quality, innovation, and dedication is instilled in every employee and is one of the main reasons why Bandit became an Employee-Owned Company (ESOP) in 2018. These core values ensure each Bandit machine will leave the factory ready to exceed customer expectations.

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