Tigercat Develops Niche Skidder

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Tigercat has brought a niche skidder to the market, the 612 dual winch skidder. It is specially designed to operate in selective harvesting applications, extracting high value timber in steep or sensitive terrain conditions.

The Tigercat 612 series skidder platform was created to manage the extraction function in challenging terrain, selective felling applications, while preserving the value and quality of the residual stand. The machine can be equipped with a dual winch, a movable back shield and fairlead system, as well as a crane and front blade tongs.

The Tigercat 612 skidder is equipped with the Tigercat FPT N67 Stage V engine, which delivers 208 hp. Combined with Tigercat’s efficient drive system, the 612 skidder impressively handles adverse terrain while minimizing wheel spin. A narrow stance allows easy navigation through tight trails and rough ground conditions.

The movable shield can be used as an anchor while winching. The dual winch and moving fairlead system allow the operator independent control over two separate cables when operating in tight stand conditions. The optional heavy-duty crane and blade tongs offer even more versatility for extracting, maneuvering and sorting logs.

The Tigercat 612 skidder features an operator’s cab that is spacious with generous sized windows providing clear sight lines. Creature comforts include a climate-controlled cup holder and dedicated storage. The turn-around seat provides increased comfort, clear sight lines, and easy entry and exit from either side of the machine. The operator enjoys full control of all machine functions in any position within the 220-degree range.

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For more information visit www.tigercat.com.