Ponsse Introduces New Scorpion Giant Harvester

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Ponsse has introduced a new model of its Scorpion series of harvesters: the Scorpion Giant. The new harvester adds to the Scorpion product range, which was completely upgraded in 2021.

Ponsse developed the Scorpion Giant, the largest model in the Scorpion series, based on customer input. The Scorpion Giant has more tractive effort, which improves agility even in challenging conditions, including snow, steep slopes and soft terrain. The new harvester also has enhanced crane lifting power for handling larger timber.

“What makes the Scorpion Giant stand out is its versatility,” said Marko Mattila, Ponsse sales, marketing and service director. The Bear model remains Ponsse’s largest harvester overall, he noted. However, the Scorpion Giant is suited for various harvest applications and can be equipped with a number of different Ponsse harvester attachments.

Ponsse has focused research and development in recent years on cabin ergonomics and operator safety. The Ponsse Scorpion Giant has a one-piece windscreen that extends to the roof of the cab, offering even better visibility for the operator and ensuring safe working in all conditions. The cab is “like a practical and quiet office with a view,” Ponsse said in a press release, enhanced to support the operator’s comfort and wellbeing.

The Scorpion Giant has features from the Scorpion product range that have been developed even further. These include increased tractive force and a more powerful C50+ crane; the fork boom is mounted behind the cab, providing excellent visibility of the logging site. The Scorpion Giant also is equipped with the unique active leveling and stabilization systems found on other Scorpion models. The new harvester also is available with the highly advanced and modern Opti 5G information system and the Opti 8 touchscreen computer.

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The powerful C50+ crane, combined with the Opti 5G information system, offers a whole new way to control the crane and improve operational efficiency with the optional Ponsse Harvester Active Crane. With the Harvester Active Crane technology, the operator can directly control the movements of the harvester head itself instead of just controlling the individual operations of the crane. This allows the operator to focus on wood processing instead of simply controlling the crane.

The first Ponsse Scorpion Giant has arrived in the U.S. It will be exhibited at the Great Lakes Logging and Heavy Equipment Expo Sept. 8-10 in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin and then at the North Star Expo Sept 16-17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, prior to being delivered to a customer in Upper Michigan.

For more information, please visit www.ponsse.com.