Lignomat Offers New Kiln Control Platform

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Value, support, quality, and connection. These are the building blocks of Lignomat’s 40-plus years of success.

The connection through technology aspect is prominent with Lignomat’s MP32 lumber kiln control platform.

Lignomat believes improvement and potential savings start with data. Single and multi-facility drying operations using — or looking to integrate data analysis tools — stand to benefit from Lignomat’s MP32 Kiln Control System platform. One or more MP32 master controllers interface with a customer’s data collection and analysis infrastructure using a built-in API.

The Lignomat MP32 Kiln Control System sends texts and emails to individuals with kiln-specific and condition-specific updates. Whether a kiln charge is complete or you have another event during the charge cycle, the MP32 immediately sends a notification so the correct person knows as soon as the system does.

Unique scheduling, AHDC, peak energy management, and steam optimization are a few more tools at the kiln operator’s disposal with Lignomat kiln control systems.

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Lignomat also offers both wireless and wire-bound monitors and data logging systems. Sensors are available for wood MC percentage, EMC, dry-bulb, wet-bulb, wood core temperature, relative humidity and integrated sample scales.

Lignomat offers quality hardware and custom software design for the worldwide lumber industry to reduce drying times and energy consumption. All control systems, monitoring systems, and handheld moisture meters are made in the U.S.

Lignomat moisture meters utilize proven measuring technology that guarantees long-term accuracy. The company offers a full line of moisture meters, including pin meters and pinless. In addition, Lignomat offers various accessories for moisture meters, including electrodes for pin meters, pins and cables, and calibration devices.

Lignomat also offers inline moisture meters, which combine hardware and software to automatically measure moisture content of lumber as it moves through the mill on a conveyor. They may be oriented either transverse to the board’s direction of motion or longitudinally.

If your company is considering updating or purchasing hardwood kilns, softwood kilns, solar kilns, or vacuum kilns, Lignomat offers control and monitoring systems that are flexible enough to fit almost any application.

Lignomat has been a family owned and operated business for more than 40 years.
Contact Lignomat at (503) 257-3708 for pricing for controls on a new or existing dry kiln.

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