Pantron Photo Eyes Benefit Mill Processes

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Pantron Automation, Inc. is the North American distributor of high-powered
infrared photoelectric systems manufactured by German manufacturer Pantron
Instruments, GmbH.

These powerful photoelectric sensors (photo eyes) are submersible and rated IP67. The most challenging areas of sawmills are no problem for Pantron photo eyes, as they can withstand extremely harsh contaminants, including sawdust, dirt, water, ice and fog. These systems are used for detection, measurement, sorting, and placing logs and lumber for processing operations. Applications also include sensing the level of sawdust or pellets in bins. End-users are able to reduce maintenance and downtime, using Pantron photoelectric systems.

Pantron Automation’s photoelectric sensors give optimal performance in harsh sawmill environments and are not impaired by sawdust, dirt, condensation, or vibration.



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A basic Pantron photoelectric system consists of four main components, an infrared amplifier, a photoelectric transmitter and receiver, and a mounting socket. The amplifiers control the photoelectric sensors and are available with a variety of special features, including time delay, diagnostic tools, and automatic gain control. The amplifiers with built-in diagnostics are able detect electrical connection problems or damaged photo eyes. A simple push of a button engages a diagnostic tool that pin-points whether the transmitter or receiver eye needs attention. Multi-channel amplifiers (multiplexers) are designed to control multiple sets of photo eyes without the possibility of cross talk or false signals between sets of eyes. Multiplexers are available in 2, 4, and 8 channel versions. The 4 and 8 channel multiplexers may be connected together to provide a synchronized photoelectric system.

Pantron photo eyes have a protective filter to prevent contamination and eliminate false signals. Using a super-high-powered transmitter and an external amplifier with manual gain control in a through-beam configuration, a sensing range of up to 230 feet can be achieved. At close range, this level of intensity provides the high penetrating power needed to see through the worst conditions. Quick-disconnect versions of each type of photo eye are available and allow the sensor heads to be quickly and easily replaced.

If an area of your mill is constantly experiencing downtime due to defective sensors, consider trying Pantron photoelectric systems. Replace limit switches and old photo eyes in your sawmill for reduced maintenance and improved performance.

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