Roseburg Plans New Mill in North Carolina

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Roseburg Forest Products will build a 375,000-square-foot sawmill across 200 acres of land in Weldon in northeast North Carolina.

The business unit, named Roanoke Valley Lumber, will be capable of producing up to 400 million board feet of lumber annually. Construction is set to begin early 2022.

“Low interest rates, a surge in home remodeling, and growing demand for single-family housing are pushing the industry to increase domestic lumber production capacity as quickly as possible,” Roseburg president and CEO Grady Mulbery said. “This new mill is an exciting strategic growth opportunity that integrates well with our other North American operations and client base.”

Roseburg already is the largest private timberland owner in the Roanoke Valley region, following its 2017 purchase of 158,000 acres of timberland in North Carolina and Virginia.

“Our business model of growing trees, converting them into high-quality wood products that improve people’s lives, then replanting to start the process over again is testament to our long-term commitment to our industry and the communities where we operate,” said senior vice president of operations Jake Elston. “We are excited to build and operate a world-class facility, while growing our relationships and serving key clients on the Eastern Seaboard with expanded product offerings.”

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Roseburg currently has 14 manufacturing facilities in North America, including the country’s second-largest short lumber stud mill in Dillard, Oregon.

The BID Group will design, build, and equip the complex. BID is also working on Canfor’s upcoming Louisiana sawmill.