Caterpillar Engines Power Equipment

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Caterpillar Cat® engines are used to power a number of different brands of machines manufactured for the forest products industry.

The Hogzilla TC Series Monster Grinder is powered by a Cat® C32 Tier 4 engine. The HogZilla TC series is offered in four different models, including the largest and most popular, the TCII-1564P Monster HogZilla Grinder.

The heart of the TC series grinder is the torque converter drive that allows the engine to perform at peak efficiency and multiplied torque. The engines work at near governed speed, regardless of the load requirements. Currently, HogZilla is the only grinder known to be equipped with a true Torque Converter.

The TCII variation has a hammer mill assembly that can be changed to a variety of different swing diameters in the field. This enables easy customization of the machine for specific grinding needs. It also includes a large radiator pre-cleaner to help pre-filter out dirt and contaminants.

The Bandit Industries Intimidator 18XP and 19XPC chippers are equipped with Cat® C4.4 and C7.1 engines. The Intimidator 18XP has a wider drum than the previous 15XP with a width of 22 inches, allowing the machine to process larger limbs and fork material. It has a 22 inch by 20-inch throat opening and features a 37-inch diameter drum and Bandit’s Slide Box Feed system. This model is ideal for tree service companies and municipalities looking for larger capacity machines weighing under 10,000 pounds.

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The Bandit Intimidator 19XPC is a step above the 18XP. Although the 19XPC has the same drum, the top feed wheel is larger in diameter and is chain-driven, and the feed wheel motors are double the size. This gives the 19XPC well over 10,000 pounds of pulling power and makes it suitable for forked material and even whole trees.

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