iDry Technology Increases Yield, Inventory Turnover

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iDry is a leading vacuum drying technology company in North America. It produces state-of-the-art, industry-changing technology that increases yield through drying quality and increases inventory turnover — resulting in improved cash flow for clients.

iDry vacuum kilns are produced from scratch at the company’s manufacturing facility in Barre, Vermont. Software and kiln controls are produced and supported in-house. Raw materials come in one end of the building, and beautiful, shiny kilns out the other. The company is dedicated to working closely with each customer, developing new processes and opportunities for increased profitability.

The company’s country-wide network of iDRY Drying Centers allows any size business to gain the advantage of quality Vacuum Dried Wood, which is unmatched in color, flatness, and stability, and delivers up to a 20 percent increase in yield and up to a 40 percent increase in throughput.

iDry technology is cutting edge. The iDry touch screen control system makes it easy to dry lumber without any prior knowledge.

All iDRY models promise the same fast, reliable and efficient drying, using a combination of heat and vacuum. The iDRY Turbo dries 4/4 to 16/4 lumber 10 times faster than conventional kilns, while the iDRY and iDRY PLUS dry about five times faster.

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By drying 5-10 times faster, a lumber business puts money in its pocket 5-10 times faster. Imagine turning a log into flooring and selling it in a week. An iDRY Turbo with the capacity of 15,000 board feet will dry over 1 million board feet of 4/4 lumber in a year.

iDRY gives you an energy cost of pennies per board foot. Low electricity demand and very low and efficient use of heat energy means you dry faster with a smaller boiler and minimal electricity.

Drying fast increases throughput, inventory turnover, and cash-flow. Drying fast with excellent color and very little degrade improves the value of your product. Drying lumber flat increases yield, which increases revenue.

All iDRY kilns utilize a continuous vacuum to dry, whether heating with aluminum hot water heating plates or circulated hot air. And the added benefit of the rubber bladder press (available only with iDRY Turbo) has made it possible to keep lumber flatter and straighter than ever before.

iDry offers kilns that fit portable sawmill operators up to the largest sawmill and wood product manufacturing operations in the world. The smallest kiln, the iDRY Standard, will dry 5,000 board feet per month while the largest — iDry Turbo Pro — will dry over 100,000 board feet per month.

For more information, visit, email, or call (802) 520-9201.