Product Profiles: Tigercat Adds High HP Mulcher Carrier

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Tigercat has introduced the model 760B mulcher and 4061-30 mulching head to its line of forestry mulching equipment.

The new 760B is a 550 hp class mulcher carrier that shares major components with the field-proven and similarly classed Tigercat 480B track mulcher as well as the popular M726G wheel mulcher.

The 760B was designed primarily for silviculture applications. Forestry companies need the capability to efficiently clean up residual post-harvest forest debris and grind stumps to ground level. The 760B meets this requirement, and the machine will also find application in large scale land clearing and right-of-way projects.

In stable, well drained soil types, a high horsepower wheel-driven machine has many advantages, including faster travel speeds, lower operating costs, and the ability to run a wide mulching head for improved coverage and wider swaths, increasing quality and productivity.

Tigercat also designed a 3-meter-wide mulching head to complement the new carrier. The new 4061-30 mulching head is based on the original Tigercat 2.5-meter 4061 with several updates and enhancements. The 2.5-meter 4061 will be rebranded as the 4061-25.

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The 760B will be standard equipped with boom float, LogOn™ (Tigercat’s wifi based machine monitoring system), ground level fueling, and Tigercat’s WideRange transmission. The cab was designed with operator comfort in mind and features a climate-controlled seat, Bluetooth audio connectivity, and ergonomic controls.

Tigercat mulcher carriers offer superior build quality, greater hydraulic efficiency, better operator ergonomics, and easier access to components and daily service points for greater uptime and production.

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