Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer?

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No, but good guess. This group of elk is grazing near a red KMC/KOOTRAC
Fire Tracker machine at the home of KMC/KOOTRAC president Wayne
Farenholtz in Crescent Valley, British Columbia, Canada. The KMC Fire Tracker
is designed for service in all types of applications related to fighting forest fires.

It is equipped with a brush-rake to form fireguards, an 11 gpm pump for dis-
charge and suction, and a 1,200 gallon tank with a foam application system. The

‘new generation’ of KMC track machines is designed for a niche market pri-
marily to operate on steep and sensitive slopes as well as in wet and boggy con-
ditions. The low ground pressure machines are able to work in areas without

pilot trails or skid roads. KMC-KOOTRAC is a family business headed by
Wayne and also involves his son, Darren, and grandson, Sheldon.