HDE Dry Kilns Launches Line of Small Kilns

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Oregon-based HDE Dry Kilns has launched a new line of small kilns ranging from 2,000 to 12,000 board feet. The company’s small kilns can be configured for drying lumber, firewood, or heat-treating lumber or wood packaging.

HDE small kilns feature all-aluminum construction for a long, maintenance-free life span, and bolted connections allow for easy, quick, inexpensive assembly. They can be operated with a variety of automatic energy systems, including low pressure steam, hot water, an indirect gas-fired heating system, or dehumidification technology.

The kilns are available in track-loaded design or configured for loading by a forklift. They are available with lift or ‘wing’ doors or sliding doors with an optional hydraulic power package.

HDE small kilns, with German engineering and built in America, include many of the components and features of the company’s modern big production kilns. They include variable speed drives to reduce electrical consumption, high efficiency, adjustable pitch fans to optimize air flow and drying conditions, and accurate temperature and humidity control using advanced PID controller and refined in thousands of installations around the world.

All HDE kilns also feature a fully automatic Lignomat control system to monitor and control kiln operations. The Lignomat control system stores drying schedules for hundreds of wood species from around the world.

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Internet connectivity allows HDE kilns to be monitored and operated via remote control from a computer or mobile device, such as a smartphone.

Stamped kiln drawings are available upon request to facilitate obtaining building permits.

With HDE small kilns, companies can dry lumber according to an optimum schedule to ensure high lumber quality at low cost.

HDE also offers conventional kilns and container kilns. The company’s services include kiln project planning, kiln construction, and kiln components and upgrades.

For more information, call (503) 334-6334, email sales@hdedrykiln.com, or visit www.hdedrykiln.com.