Bandit Launches SG-75 Stump Grinder

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The new Bandit SG-75 stump grinder is chock full of features and has the power and speed to quickly dispose of large and small stumps in a backyard setting or in a land-clearing application.

The Bandit SG-75 stump grinder is equipped with a powerful Kohler 74 hp diesel engine, and power is transferred through an efficient gearbox drive system to a choice of 27-inch diameter grinding wheels.

The expandable/retractable rubber track undercarriage allows access through a 36-inch-wide gate and can expand to a 55-inch-wide base, providing added stability when grinding on slopes and uneven terrain.

Another feature that makes this stumper so popular is an industry-leading 80-inch swing and 2-foot cutting depth. It reduces the need to reposition the machine, giving the operator more time to grind the stump.

The Bandit SG-75 has the best chip containment. The wide wingspan chip curtains provide a 54 cubic foot chip collection chamber.

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Bandit’s unique ‘Super Sweep’ feature takes much of the guesswork out of grinding a stump. It will efficiently move the wheel through the stump without overloading the engine and drivetrain, maximizing production.

The standard user-friendly remote control allows the operator to set swing speed, drop distance, and tracking speed. It also allows the operator to position himself in the best vantage point for grinding the stump while maintaining a safe distance.

An optional grading blade is available for cleaning up after the grind.

The Bandit SG-75 stump grinder will provide years of dependable and productive service.

To arrange a demonstration, call a Bandit dealer.

For more information or to locate a dealer, visit or call Bandit at (800) 952-0178.