Komatsu Upgrades XT-5 Series Track Feller Bunchers

Improvements Enhance Performance, Operator Comfort; Special Warranty Program Added

Komatsu XT430-5 fitted with Log Max 7000XT fixed head is ideal for mixed hardwoods and provides tremendous power and speed for sorting blow-down timber.
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By Russ Potratz, an independent forestry marketing consultant.

To better meet customer needs, Komatsu is upgrading its XT-5 family of tracked feller bunchers, adding performance and operator improvements and also covering the machines with a special 2-year/5,000-hour warranty program.

The Komatsu XT430-5, XT445L-5 and XT465L-5 models were introduced in 2018, and the enhancements were made based on customer feedback.

The Komatsu XT-5 family of machines range in operating weight from 66,359 pounds (30,100 kg) to 74,516 pounds (33,800 kg) and let customers travel, operate the swing, arm, and tool simultaneously, for maximum usability.

To further boost this multi-functioning performance for customers, Komatsu added 7 percent more horsepower (331 hp vs. 310 hp at launch) to the Cummins QSL9 engine and increased the hydraulic flow while still achieving up to 5 percent less fuel consumption.

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Travel speed was increased by 25 percent to further improve productivity; the XT445L-5/XT465L-5 models now reach 3.3 mph (5.3 kph); the XT430-5 model, 3.2 mph (5.1 kph).

Added lighting elements improve nighttime visibility of the right track and when using the rear camera; a total of 13 LED lights provide brilliant illumination for nighttime operations.

“Working with, listening to, and responding to customers is the cornerstone of our product development process,” said Todd Miyake, vice president of the forest division for Komatsu America Corp. “So when they said that our XT-5 machines would be even better with a boost in speed and multi-functioning performance, we got to work.”

The Komatsu XT445L-5 with a Quadco high-speed disc saw put on an impressive display of precision and power in the salvage timber demonstration, sorting neat piles for efficient processing.

“We know it is tough out there in some markets, so to support loggers we have also added a special 2-year or 5,000-hour warranty for new machines purchased through March 31, 2021 to offer customers an exceptional combination of performance, efficiency and peace of mind.”

The XT430-5, XT445L-5 and XT465L-5 Komatsu tracked feller bunchers were introduced in 2018 and were totally reengineered.

Highlights include:

  • Outstanding serviceability with all service points easily accessible and gull-wing hood engine access
  • Increased engine power and torque – even while using up to 5 percent less fuel
  • Increased lift capacities and the ability of the XT465L-5 to readily operate the Quadco 24-inch (610 mm) cutting capacity disc saw head
  • Left-positioned modern forestry cab with exceptional visibility and comfort
  • Customizable operator controls via IQAN-MD4 digital control system
  • Komtrax® remote equipment monitoring and management telematics system, which can improve operator productivity and monitor machine health, a valuable tool for scheduling preventative maintenance and service
  • Komatsu Care complimentary scheduled maintenance for 3-years/2,000-hours

Recent Product Demo

On a recent equipment demonstration at a salvage logging site in Wisconsin, the Komatsu XT445L-5 and XT430-5 proved to be indispensable in recovering valuable hardwood logs. Wading into blow-down timber can be very difficult, but with the added power the Komatsu tracked feller bunchers proved particularly beneficial.

The XT445L-5 feller buncher fitted with a Quadco high-speed disc saw was used to quickly organize the timber into bunches, which enabled the harvesters and forwarders that followed to work more productively.

An XT430-5 carrier (non-leveling) that was also on hand was fitted with the proven Log Max 7000XT controlled felling head; this setup was new on the XT-5 platform and proved to be a workhorse in the salvage logging application. The Komatsu XT430-5 and Log Max 7000XT head is a combination that will excel in any large diameter mixed stands or in high-value hardwood forests.

Marcus Steigerwaldt, District Manager for Komatsu America Corp., demonstrates the XT-5 Series large service access doors and the fold down gull-wing engine enclosure that serves as an elevated service work platform.

Operator Comfort and Convenience

Komatsu’s state-of-the-art, fully certified forestry cab has been relocated to the left of the boom for industry commonality. Cab design changes provide superior lines of sight to each track. A standard rearview monitoring system further enhances the operator’s view. Thirteen (13) LED lights provide superior visibility for night operations.

Komatsu’s highly intuitive IQAN-MD4 digital control system programming allows up to three different operators to program their individual control patterns for increased multi-operator productivity. An IQANsync mobile phone app is available to allow remote access to perform IQAN system functions.

Reliability & Durability

New, more rugged Komatsu undercarriages significantly increased service life. They include:

  • Rugged, 8.5-inch track chain links are stronger at resisting ‘twist.’
  • Track roller and idler bushings are made of high-density material for longer wear.
  • The XT445L-5 and XT465L-5 removable track guards have larger roller side openings to reduce mud packing and facilitate cleaning.
  • The XT465L-5 has 9 versus 8 rollers for improved load distribution. Track length has been extended to the rear by 5.3 inches (135 mm) for improved steep slope stability.
  • The XT445L-5 and XT465L-5 have a reduced track slider angle, producing 30 percent lower contact pressure for reduced wear.
    All final drives have a new, triple labyrinth, floating seal housing to protect the seal against mud packing.
  • Larger capacity hydraulic piston pumps for the implement, attachment and disc saw operate at a lower 500 rpm speed while delivering high performance flow. Each pump has a pre-charged (pressurized) suction inlet to reduce cavitation risk. A robust forestry-specific guarding system covers the boom, arm and rear hydraulic tubes and hoses to provide superior protection and shed debris.
  • The totally new high capacity cooling system features a large radiator, charge air cooler and hydraulic cooler. All coolers have been relocated to the rear of the machine to minimize debris buildup. Separate radiator and hydraulic oil cooler fan controls provide the cooling needed to maintain the required temperatures. Both fans have an auto-reversing function to help purge debris and maintain cooling efficiencies.

Ease of Maintenance

A new gull-wing engine hood folds down to provide an elevated service work platform. Four other service doors swing wide open to provide excellent service access. An innovative new hydraulic tank design features two tanks that require 55 percent less total hydraulic oil (a refill requires only 45 gallons or 171L). The attachment control valve has been relocated from the main control valve to the arm for ease of service.

Komatsu’s exclusive Komtrax remote equipment monitoring and management telematics system is standard. It utilizes highly reliable, satellite-based technology to transmit valuable information such as location, utilization and maintenance records to a computer. Komtrax provides advanced machine troubleshooting capabilities by monitoring machine health and issues caution and abnormality alerts. This information serves as a valuable tool for scheduling preventative maintenance and service, and there is no subscription fee for the life of the machine.

For more information on the Komatsu XT430-5, XT445L-5 and XT465L-5 tracked feller bunchers and the special 2-year/5,000-hour warranty, go to

About Komatsu

Komatsu is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment, technologies and services for the construction, forklift, mining, industrial and forestry markets. For nearly a century, Komatsu equipment and services have been used by companies worldwide to develop modern infrastructure, extract fundamental minerals, maintain forests and create technology and consumer products. The company’s global service and distributor networks support customer operations, tapping into the power of data and technology to enhance safety and productivity while optimizing performance.

All comparisons and claims of improved performance are made with respect to the prior Komatsu models unless otherwise specifically stated. Up to 5 percent lower fuel consumption results are based on using the XT445L-5 prototype versus the XT445L-3 model; each operator’s results may vary.

Warranty terms: Complimentary 2-year or 5,000-hour standard product warranty coverage, whichever comes first, from the machine’s First in Dirt (FID) date. If the 5,000 hour limit is exceeded during the first year, coverage continues through the end of the first year.

Cummins base engine warranty, extended major component warranty, and emission warranty will all be managed through Cummins. Please refer to the Cummins Warranty Terms document for coverage details.

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.