Lignomat Offers New Control System

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Lignomat’s newest and best kiln and pre-dryer control platform is available to help companies that dry lumber to take their drying operations to a new level. The new system is the culmination of 40 years of experience in engineering kiln control systems for the lumber drying industry.

Lignomat’s new control platform is compatible with multiple operating systems and can be integrated with your network. It can be remotely operated, monitored, and controlled with any mobile device via nearly any operating system with or without Internet. The secure, open source product with detailed installation documents and troubleshooting tools allows for a smooth and timely installation with minimal down time.

Lignomat focuses on the quality and versatility of its products and assisting kiln operators to dry lumber effectively and produce high quality wood products.

For example, Lignomat controls offer options such as adjustable safety features and drying parameters. Lignomat’s diverse schedule selections are time-based and moisture content-based determined by MC probes, weight samples or loss/day. In addition, the drying schedules are freely customizable on the fly without affecting the schedule library.

Lignomat’s text alert feature automatically sends specific alerts to a cell phone with no third-party service or costs. Alerts include “kiln halted,” “over temp,” and “schedule complete,” to name a few.

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Unique scheduling, AHDC, peak energy management, and steam optimization are a few more tools at the kiln operator’s disposal with Lignomat kiln control systems.

Lignomat also offers both wireless and wire-bound monitors and data logging systems. Sensors are available for wood MC percentage, EMC, dry-bulb, wet-bulb, wood core temperature, relative humidity and integrated sample scales.

Lignomat offers quality hardware and custom software design for the worldwide lumber industry to reduce drying times and energy consumption. All control systems, monitoring systems, and handheld moisture meters are made in the U.S.

If your company is considering updating or purchasing hardwood kilns, high temperature kilns, solar kilns or vacuum kilns, Lignomat offers control and monitoring systems that are flexible enough to fit almost any application.

Contact Lignomat at (503) 257-3708 for pricing for controls on a new or existing dry kilns.
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