Paw-Taw-John Services, Inc. Continuing Affordable High Tech Systems

Paw-Taw-John proportional carriage setworks at P.E. Barnes Lumber in Gibsland, Louisiana. Chosen for its performance enhancing characteristics, cost, and reliability, the system changes a low performance carriage into a high performance carriage.
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In this day and age, wood products manufacturers are tasked with producing more product, with less help, maximizing the fiber recovery of their resources, and increasing product quality.

Paw-Taw-John Services specializes in affordable, effective, and reliable primary log breakdown systems and secondary systems that enable wood products manufacturers to meet these objectives. The company wants customers to be comfortable using the technology, so these systems are designed and manufactured with the idea of simple use and maintainability.

All systems from Paw-Taw-John Services can be accessed through the Internet. By using an interface to a cloud-based station, the company can set up, change operational parameters, calibrate scanning systems, provide program upgrades and changes, and troubleshoot remotely via cell phones or computers. This provides the user with an effective umbrella of support and service.

Paw-Taw-John Services also specializes in retrofitting existing equipment. Old sawmill machinery and equipment, if mechanically sound, can be improved to enhance performance. Paw-Taw-John services systems are used on most all OEM manufactured carriages, edgers, horizontal and vertical resaws, and other special equipment in the wood products industry. They range from vision optimizing systems on headrigs and edgers to simple setworks for line shaft carriages and single-axis simple controls.

Paw-Taw-John Services systems give the user a greater advantage when upgrading an existing machine that has old motion control setworks. Provided the machine is capable, new controls will change setting accuracies to .005-inch or better. Old school recovery analysis consistently shows that improving board size by 1/32-inch will yield 1.5 percent in fiber recovery. This equates to recovering dollars from the chipper and a quicker return on investment. These simpler systems are very affordable by today’s standards and give users an added edge in supplying quality product to customers and establishing new customers.

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Some of the key features of these control systems are:
  • We use off-the-shelf parts.
  • The systems have a very low electrical power requirement.
  • A cloud-based system provides Internet access to all major sub-assemblies. This allows Paw-Taw-John Services to calibrate the scanning system remotely if the user needs support. It can align or calibrate the position of the knees to the saw, edger saws, or resaws remotely. This gives the user a high degree of support.
  • The user can purchase most system hardware directly from Internet product suppliers.

Their ease of use, weekend installation time, reliable operation, cost effectiveness, and cloud-based Internet support give sawmill operators the advantages and support they need to operate in increasingly competitive environments.

Paw-Taw-John Services also has a stable of other products it offers the forest products industry. It is the largest distributor of MTS Sensors products in the U.S. with its territory in the Pacific Northwest. It distributes robust encoders from Encoder Products, laser line generators for manual vision from CONNEXUS, and it offers hydraulic valve repair — all at affordable prices. Paw-Taw-John Services is the only authorized repair facility for MTS in the U.S. and will repair MTS legacy products as parts inventory allows.

For troubleshooting a hydraulic valve problem on a machine, the PVT-02 proportional valve tester from Paw-Taw-John Services is very popular, too. The user can test and troubleshoot a proportional valve in place for performance. This eliminates the need to swap units around in order to isolate problems. Although servo valves are less used in the industry, the company still provides a servo valve tester; these were commonly referred to as ‘Diddle Boxes.’

Paw-Taw-John Services continues to design new systems with small mill owners in mind. Feedback from customers shows that its systems continue to prove their worth to the wood products industry.

(For more information about Paw-Taw-John Services, visit, email or call (208) 687-1478.)