Mellott Slant Band at Soapstone Sawmill

Peach Bottom, PA

Mellott slant type band sawmill for increased production.
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Soapstone Sawmill, located in Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania, has installed a Mellott 6 ft. slant band headrig. Owner, Ben Stoltzfus, decided on a slant type band sawmill for increased production. The tilted set-up makes log turning faster. Since the onboard turners on the carriage do most of the work, the log turner is not used as much as on a conventional mill. Soapstone is sawing an estimated 45,000 board feet of lumber a day for crane mats along with 10,000 to 15,000 board feet of specialty wood on a secondary mill.

The Mellott Bandsaw is designed using the same rugged features as its other equipment. Both the Mellott Model 640 and 642 Bandsaws are 6’ diameter wheels designed to use up to a 12″ wide bandsaw blade. The Model 640 bandsaw uses a 40’ long bandsaw blade. It can be used as the main bandsaw headrig in a sawmill with the addition of a 30″ wide offbearing belt or as a vertical resaw with the addition of a linebar attachment. The Model 642, as in operation at Soapstone Sawmill, has the columns extended 12″ and uses a 42’ long bandsaw blade and is used as the main bandsaw headrig in a 17 degree slanted sawmill with the addition of a tilted base and modified offbearing belt.

Mellott has designed the Model 747, 7’ bandsaw and it is currently being manufactured. This model is also offered with cast wheels. The lower drive wheel is mounted to the base frame with two Timken AP Series railcar bearings. The heavy duty bearing housings are keyed and bolted to the base frame. There is no adjustment at the lower drive wheel; all adjustments are made at the upper wheel. The upper wheel is mounted to an eccentric shaft with two heavy duty spherical roller bearings. The Mellott bandsaws use an air strain system that consists of a single air cylinder connected to the eccentric shaft. A coil spring is used to maintain a minimal amount of strain in the event of air pressure loss.

Mellott Manufacturing has an on-site engineering and design team capable of meeting the specific needs of each sawmill. The company designed and manufactured a custom support frame for the 17 degree slant bandsaw at Soapstone Sawmill, along with a heavy duty new style 15’ drop belt, belt conveyor with a MDI metal detection system and heavy duty vibrating conveyors.

Soapstone Sawmill also added a new Mellott drop-saw trimmer with 11 saw ladders to handle 20’ material. This ruggedly built trimmer is designed with the ability to be used for production of crane mat material, trims up to 8″ and will pass 12″ cants.

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