Forestry Systems Continues to Innovate with Log Scaling Solutions

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The Digital Era Meets Log Scaling

Founded 32 years ago in 1987 by Patrick Jenks, Forestry Systems, Inc. (FSI) earned its spot in history when it introduced a revolutionary technology to the hardwood lumber industry: Handheld computers. At the time, handheld computers, commonly known as handhelds, were at the cutting edge of digital technology and utterly unexpected in the lumber world where old-school, manual practices were still commonplace.

As a scholar armed with a degree in forestry, Jenks recognized the need for this technology and, undaunted by this new territory, pushed on with FSI programmer, Tom Tran, to develop his company’s first success, the End Tally™. As a result of this achievement, FSI earned a reputation as an innovator in the industry and continued to pave the way for new technologies.

Since its humble beginnings, FSI has significantly broadened its industry specific product line. According to FSI, “Whether your operation is in the business of cruising timber or scaling logs, we have a program and, of course, a handheld to fit your company’s specific needs.”

The Way Log Scaling was Meant to Be

The EZ Scale™ is the perfect example of an innovative product developed by FSI to make tasks common in the industry more efficient. The EZ Scale™ is a custom Bluetooth-enabled keypad mounted directly on a log scaling stick that integrates wirelessly with the latest Log Scaler™ offering from FSI. Putting the EZ Scale™ on the log scale stick eliminates the need to hold an outdated notebook or a cumbersome handheld, making data entry a one-handed process. This increases speed, accuracy, efficiency and, since time is money, it can also impact profit. Simply enter your header information into your handheld, then put it away! With as little as three keystrokes, a scaler can enter a log’s grade, length, and diameter. Scaling logs has never been this EZ.

If you’re interested in trying EZ Scale™ yourself, just call FSI at 800.868.2559. FSI will even come to your site to demonstrate EZ Scale™. To view all of FSI’s offerings, go to or, to inquire about system sales, call 800.868.2559.

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