Winch Model Most Popular for Peterson

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The Winch Production Frame is the flagship model of Peterson Portable Sawmills as well
as the company’s most popular model.

Like other models it is a ‘swing blade’ sawmill that runs a thin kerf circular saw blade
that can cut both horizontally and vertically within 90 degrees. The design enables the mill to cut finished boards from the log. By contrast, a portable band sawmill only saws the log on the horizontal plane, requiring edging to produce finished lumber.

The Peterson Winch Production Frame model has a manual one-point lowering system
that can be upgraded with an optional electric winch for even faster vertical sizing. The patented high-low track option allows easy logging either over the top low rail with a loader or by rolling logs under the high rail.

With only one blade to maintain (blades have from 6-10 teeth), operating costs are
minimized. The blade can be sharpened on the mill in under five minutes with a Sharpboy and diamond wheel that are supplied with the mill. Teeth can be replaced if needed. Some Peterson mill owners have used the same blade for more than 10 years.

As with Peterson’s other swing blade sawmills, the Winch Production Frame model can
be equipped with a clip-on slabber attachment that allows cutting slabs for table tops, benches, and more.

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For more information, visit the website of the official U.S. distributor, California-based
Sawyer’s Choice, at, email or call the
company at (800) 456-4145.