USNR Offers Solutions for Manufacturing CLT

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USNR, a comprehensive supplier of equipment and technology for the global wood
products industry, offers equipment solutions for manufacturing operations to produce cross laminated timber (CLT).

USNR can provide an end-to-end solution for a complete CLT manufacturing plant,
including full turn-key services, selecting the finest suppliers to offer a fully integrated
production line. In fact, USNR partnered to equip a CLT manufacturing plant for Katerra in
Spokane Valley, Washington — the largest such plant in North America.

USNR’s solutions for CLT production lines are based on its vast experience with the
Washington Iron Works and Mann-Russell product lines, brands that produced high performing solutions for decades for engineered wood products such as laminated veneer lumber (LVL) oriented strand board (OSB), and more. USNR’s solutions for CLT production lines is an extension of that technology.

The newest USNR CLT press features a fresh design that incorporates key differences
that set it apart. It uses pneumatic pressure to produce 10-foot-wide CLT panels up to 24 feet long and 10.5 inches thick. The panels are assembled using between three to seven layers of cross-laid timbers. Adhesive is applied between the layers prior to the panel entering the press.

Although a hydraulic press design is available, the pneumatic press is a robust, extremely cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly alternative. An additional benefit of the USNR design is its modularity: it can easily be modified to any desired length by simply adding or removing window frame segments. USNR is the world’s largest, most comprehensive supplier of equipment and technologies for the wood processing industry.

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USNR systems produce dimensional lumber, plywood and panels, finger-jointed components and engineered wood products. The company provides systems, service, and support for plants around the world.

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