In Memoriam: Montana Logger Michael Stoken

Twin Brothers / Partners: Mike (left) and Pat (right) Stoken, two brothers, operate Stoken Logging in Eureka, Montana. They have been in business together for 41 years.
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Michael Stoken, who was featured with his brother in an article about their logging business in the September issue of TimberLine, has passed away.

Mike died surrounded by his family on Sept. 5. He was 65.

A funeral service was held at Canvas Church in Kalispell, Montana, Sept. 13, and burial was at C.E. Conrad Memorial Cemetery in Kalispell.

Mike and his twin brother, Pat, formed Stoken Logging in 1978, and it became one of the largest logging companies in Northwest Montana. Stoken Logging is based in Eureka, Montana, and has a second base of operations in Kalispell. The company operates two three-length logging crews and one cut-to-length logging crew in the region of the northern Rocky Mountains.

The brothers enjoyed good rapport with each other, as evidenced by the
fact they were in business together for so long.

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Mike was described in an obituary as rough, stoic, and stubborn as well as being a loving, caring, generous person. He also was remembered for his character, strength, and courage.

Mike is survived by his wife, Angela. He also was a son to Joe and Hazel, a brother to Eddie, Dorothy, Donna, Marlene, and Pat, and a father to Destin, Shalon, Tia, Joelle, Brian, Nikki, Gabriela, Daniella and Antonio. He was a loving grandfather of 10 and an uncle to many nieces and nephews.

The staff of TimberLine and Industrial Reporting offers its sincere condolences to Mike’s family.