Built-Rite Mfg. Introduces New Products to Its Line of Firewood Processing Equipment

Built-Rite’s top of the line firewood processor, the Model 100SCP, features a triple multi-wedge, powered feed rollers, 4 second cycle time and 52" vertical circular saw which can handle logs up to 20" in diameter.
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Built-Rite Mfg. is continuing to innovate and is introducing new products to its already extensive line of firewood processing equipment. New for 2018-19 are a firewood tumbler, a 16-way wedge bundlewood splitter, and 12, 16, and 20- foot integrated folding conveyors. Also for 2019 the company plans to introduce a mid-size circular saw and incorporate its bundlewood wedge on to a processor.

Company owner, John Smith, is very familiar with firewood machinery and has been involved as a manufacturer since the early 1980’s. Back then John owned a company that manufactured firewood processors, firewood splitters and conveyors. After selling that business in 1991, John reentered the firewood industry in 1996, starting Built-Rite Mfg. For more than 20 years, John has remained hands-on in all facets of the business and prides himself on his own personal accessibility to the company’s customer base. Customer service remains a top priority for John and his family-owned company.

Built-Rite Mfg. has become known for numerous innovations in the firewood machinery industry including its patented Multi-Wedge Wood Splitting System and its patented Scissor Clamp design. In addition, the company touts “industry firsts” in a number of other design and product features. Some of these include first machines with a separator grate, first manufacturer to build a compact processor, first live deck with log stops, first machines with block turner in the splitter trough, first machines with flipper tray to hold last block in place, and first machines with auto infeed and auto split, among others. It can be said that an attitude of innovation has been a company hallmark.

Built-Rite machines are engineered to be durable, with ease of repair and operator friendliness in mind. One of the most popular features among operators is the company’s patented Multi-Wedge Wood Splitting System which allows wood to be split 2, 4, 6, and 8 ways without the user having to change splitter heads. Higher levels of production can be maintained and ease of operation is greatly appreciated. Another popular feature is the powered infeed rolls which allows operator to process crooked logs.

Design is important in all products built by the company including its conveyor line. All full size Built-Rite conveyors are hydraulic driven from the top. Two hydraulic levers control conveyor slope and have forward, reverse and stop positions. A removable jack allows for even its largest conveyor to be moved by a single person. The motor bracket is up and out of the way so that cleaning out woodchips is much easier. The conveyors are engineered with a wide stance and are well-balanced to maximize stability while in tow. The company currently offers five different conveyor models.

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Built-Rite currently manufactures bar and circular saw firewood processors, three models of commercial firewood splitters, five different conveyors, two sizes of firewood tumblers, and the blockmaster cut off saw.

For more information on the company and its product line and to view videos visit www.Built-Rite.com or contact company personnel at 1-800-757-2520 or 802-228-7293, or email at info@Built-Rite.com.