Lignomat Kiln Controls for Large and Small Operations

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Lignomat has developed NEW software and hardware for monitoring and controlling dry kilns and predryers. With 40 years in the kiln control and moisture meter business, the company is excited to promote it newest control system to the industry. With multi-platform and network capabilities, the system can be remotely controlled and monitored from any mobile device, via any operating system. You are no longer dependent on a Microsoft Windows PC. The secure, open source product with detailed installation documents and troubleshooting tools allow for a smooth and timely installation for new and retrofitted kilns.

Lignomat focuses on quality and versatility with its products, assisting kiln operators in effectively drying quality lumber. For example, the company offers options, such as adjustable safety features and drying parameters. Lignomat’s freely programmable drying schedules can be time-based or moisture-content-based determined by MC probes or weight samples. In addition, the drying schedules are freely customizable.

One popular Kiln Operator tool is unique schedule editing. Modify and save running schedules without affecting the original schedule in your library. Adjust, apply, adapt and be ready for the next time similar conditions arise. Automatic Event Texts, AHDC, Peak Energy Management and Timber Rest are a few more tools at the Kiln Operator’s disposal with Lignomat Kiln Control Systems.

Lignomat also offers wireless and wirebound monitors and data logging systems. Sensors are available for wood MC%, EMC, dry-bulb, wet-bulb, wood core temps and relative humidity.

Lignomat offers quality hardware and custom software design for the worldwide lumber industry to reduce drying times and energy consumption. All of the control systems, monitoring systems, inline moisture meters and handheld moisture meters are built in America and sold at competitive prices.

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If you have or are looking to purchase hardwood kilns, high temp kilns, solar kilns or vacuum kilns, Lignomat offers control and monitoring systems that are flexible enough to fit almost any application.

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