KDS Windsor Lumber Drying Technologies

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KDS Windsor, which has offices and manufacturing facilities in Hendersonville, North Carolina, is strongly focused on supplying Continuous Drying Kilns to the lumber industry. KDS Windsor branded their design as CDKs for Continuous Drying Kilns, a name that is now somewhat generic.

Besides CDKs, the KDS Windsor dry kiln product line includes direct-fired or indirect heat high temperature batch kilns, conventional temperature package and track kilns for drying SYP, plus “all-aluminum” kilns for drying hardwoods, and recently developed “24 hour” drying kilns for drying and sterilizing firewood. The company offers burner systems using sawdust or dry shavings as fuel. Also offered are inkiln moisture content measuring and monitoring systems to prevent over-drying and produce tight standard deviations, and inline moisture measuring systems for planer mills. KDS Windsor can also supply fuel transfer systems, silos and unloaders.

KDS Windsor is the world’s largest manufacturer of CDKs according to Andy Pollard, the license holder of the continuous dry kiln technology. Its customer base ranges from the largest lumber producers in the world to small family-owned, independent mills that may just have one dry kiln.

CDK technology has brought about a concept change in the industry. A very high percentage of companies with lumber drying operations have converted or are converting to CDKs to dry lumber. KDS Windsor has over 50 CDKs operating or under construction in the U.S. and around the globe.

KDS Windsor offers moisture measurement and monitoring systems to gauge moisture in wood fuel used for burners and boilers. The proprietary systems continuously measure the moisture content of green sawdust or dry shavings. The system output is used to adjust burner settings, compensating for drier or wetter fuel in order to maximize control. It is also offered with fuel metering equipment to blend green and dry wood fuel together automatically to achieve a consistent, reliable moisture content. With KDS Windsor technology, dry kiln operators have the ability to control the moisture content of the fuel going to the burner or boiler — automatically. This has never been accomplished before in the industry according to the company.

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For more information on KDS Windsor or its products, visit the company’s website at www.KDSkilns.com or call (800) 274-5456.

To contact Nick Girardi or Keith Robertson via email, use the following email addresses: Nick Girardi – ngirardi@kdskilns.com; Keith Robertson – keith.robertson@windsor.co.nz. For aftermarket sales & service, contact Dan Young – dan.young@windsortechnology.biz.