Select Sawmill Co. Celebrates 20 Years, Adds New Modern Technology & Controls

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Already 20 years have passed since the inception of SELECT Sawmill Co. The venture started in 1997, a couple of years after president/owner Luc Carrière purchased a sawmill of his own. He and his partner at the time had done their research and travelled all the way to the West Coast to pick up their brand-new sawmill. They were confident it was their best pick to start their own sawmilling business, but unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Luc started to grow anxious.

The cutting speed of the mill was far slower than Luc had expected, and it would be impossible to earn a decent living without higher production. Not one to sit around and wait for things to happen, Luc sold his part in the business and found a job selling sawmills from home. Dissatisfaction with existing sawmills on the market led Luc to contemplating his own ideas for designing a better sawmill. With his background in farm machinery and electronics, he tackled the challenge to develop his own sawmill. He wanted to make a sawmill that would be highly productive yet affordable, to cater to small to mid-size businesses so they could stand up and improve their bottom line.

The mill would have a double-cutting capacity and would be able to handle large logs with relative ease. For top performance, it would have a high-powered engine, rigid frame and heavy-duty log handling capacity. While the mill was being built, Luc found a buyer who was convinced the unit would be a perfect investment for his established business, in need of equipment upgrades. Twenty years later, this same customer is still using his mill and runs a very decent operation sawing hardwood. As for Select Sawmill, it remains forever grateful to the customer for its proof of confidence and for enabling the new business to set up shop in Plantagenet, Ontario.

SELECT double-cut sawmills are available in two base models offering top quality performance. Model 4221 is the larger of the two and can handle logs up to 42″ in diameter. The 3620, similar in build, was developed for a bit more affordability for customers that may not need the capacity for large logs or the productivity offered by the 4221. Many options and customizable features are available enabling buyers to adapt the units to their specific needs.

Business hasn’t always been easy, especially since the crash in 2008, but over time, the role of SELECT Sawmill Co. has evolved. As a small company, customers have come to rely on the personable, yet professional advice and solutions offered for setting up well-designed commercial sawmill operations. Individual machines are always available, but in addition, the company has a complete line of complementary machinery including a Rosserhead style debarker, HD edger, chopsaws and trimsaws as well as various conveyors, transfer tables and decks for setting up a full turnkey operation. Currently in development for an existing customer in British Columbia is an industrial resaw head with automated turnaround syste1m. The resaw includes HMI touchscreen programming to manoeuver all conveyors simultaneously or simply one at a time.

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The new HMI touchscreen panels are the latest in technology with simple interface and cutting-edge software. All SELECT products with an operator’s station are now being equipped with this type of panel for faster and more efficient capabilities.

Modern day technology is great, but the one thing that will always remain the same according to Luc, is the personable service and attention his company gives to its customers.

For more information, visit or call 613-673- 1267.