Rayco RG35 Super Jr now Available with 4-wheel Drive

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Rayco’s RG35 Super Jr is now available with 4-wheel drive. The 4×4 option is available as an option on new machines and as a retro-fit kit for older RG35 Super Jr’s.

The popular RG35 is now even more capable on challenging terrain, with better traction for climbing slopes and chip piles. All RG35’s feature a 35hp Vanguard engine and swing-out controls that offer better visibility while cutting and swing in-line for travel through gates. Other features include wide, bar-tread floatation tires, hydraulic backfill blade, and best-in-class 51-inch cutting width.

For more information on the RG35 or any other RAYCO product, please visit www.raycomfg.com or call 1-800-392-2686.