New X-L Extended Life™ Super Abrasive Offered for Bevel Buddy Sharpeners

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Precision Sharpening Devices, Inc. of Erie PA – creators of Bevel Buddy™ Chipper Knife Sharpeners – recently introduced a new X-L Extended Life™ super abrasive for use on their sharpeners.

The new abrasive is threaded on both ends, offering twice the sharpening potential compared to their single-ended abrasives. It has been documented through consumer testing that users have exceeded 15,000 linear inches of sharpening when indexing the abrasive 3 to 4 times on each end.

Precision Sharpening Devices, Inc. pride themselves on their “What’s best for the customer” focus. For more information on Bevel Buddy™ Sharpeners and X-L Extended life™ abrasives, please visit or phone (814) 899-0796.