Smart Log Processing from Wood-Mizer

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For more than 30 years, Wood-Mizer has developed a strong reputation as the leading manufacturer of portable sawmills, industrial sawmills and complete log processing systems. Wood-Mizer’s Smart Log Processing Line (SLP) has taken thin-kerf, low waste concepts into an industrial environment and positioned the company as the preferred choice for maximizing higher log yields at lower operating costs from small and medium sized logs.

Continuing the success of Wood-Mizer’s patented narrow band technology, the SLP is a flexible series of modular products designed for the profitable conversion of 4” to 16” diameter logs into boards, battens, and pallet wood. Although there are many configurations and setups, a typical layout consists of one or more TVS units (Twin Vertical Saw), SVS units (Single Vertical Saw) or SHS units (Single Horizontal Saw), Horizontal Resaw and an EG300 Multi-Rip Edger. The system can be set up in a conventional, in-line arrangement for maximum efficiency, or it can be setup modularly for convenience. Based on standard cutting units and combinations of chain, belt and roller conveyors, the SLP system can be customized to fit any operation. With hundreds of individual units and systems operating worldwide, the SLP line sets the global standard for processing small and medium logs for profit.

One company profiting from Wood-Mizer’s SLP line is S&J Contracts in Northern Ireland. Led by Stephen Sufferin, the company produces pallets and specialized timber by utilizing Wood-Mizer’s thin-kerf technology. “In 2007 we had difficulty sourcing locally sawn pallet wood, so diversification was in order. We decided to mill our own timber to guarantee supply and cut production costs,” said Stephen. S&J Contracts’ SLP line, similar to a U.S. scragg mill pallet operation, consists of the TVS, SVS, a four-head Horizontal Resaw, material handling for loading and transferring, and a Multi-Rip Edger.

The way the SLP line works is simple: The TVS features two tilted heads and removes the slab from two sides of the log. The SVS shares the same titled head design and splits or removes the third side from the two-sided cant coming from the TVS. From there, the Horizontal Resaw recovers as many boards as possible. Lastly, the Multi-Rip Edger standardizes up to three board sizes for maximum sawn timber recovery. The Wood-Mizer SLP line can be easily reconfigured for maximum flexibility and is well suited for new ventures and diversification of existing mills. New ventures can take advantage of the lower capital required to install and maintain the line while existing mills can reevaluate how to better utilize lower-value logs by increasing yield and capacity to efficiently match market demand.

Stephen acknowledges that adaptability is the key to being successful in the industry. “We have enough timber to go on with our normal jobs without relying on sawn timber suppliers,” said Stephen. “The mill is flexible. I make my money from the various sizes of timber I am asked to produce.” Stephen believes that a major factor contributing to the success of S&J Contracts has been the investment in the best quality machinery for the job.

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Darryl Floyd, Wood-Mizer’s COO says, “We designed the SLP system as an answer for sawyers who are looking to maximize their sawing capabilities when it comes to sawing small logs. We recognized the need for scragg mill operations in the marketplace and the SLP system is our solution. Companies all over the world are squeezing every last board out of small logs and profiting in this tough and competitive environment.”

With hundreds of units sold across Europe, Asia and Africa, and with the installation of this equipment in locations across North and South America, Ireland’s S&J Contracts isn’t the only company to benefit from Wood-Mizer’s versatile SLP line. Wood-Mizer has companies in Mexico, Guatemala, and Chile which have recently installed the SLP line and are successfully sawing small and medium sized logs for profit, establishing the system as a proven performer in the global economy.

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