Small Diameter Log Processing

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Small log processing is a necessity within the logging industry in America. Baker Products is a company that can fulfill all of your small log processing equipment needs. Baker can design a system that will work best for your operation.

The Circular Tri-Scragg Mill is number one in recovery when it comes to disassembly of small logs. This system starts with a Baker 48” diameter Slasher Saw. Once the log is cut to length, the material is transferred to a Log Infeed Deck feeding the Baker Circular Tri-Scragg Mill. Here the logs are processed into two 3-sided cants and two slabs. The slabs are then conveyed to a Baker Band Edger, making them ready to be resawn. The four 3-sided cants are sent to the Baker Band Double End Trim, accurately cut to length, and then transferred to Baker Multi-Head Resaws. The resaws cut the material into finished boards or lumber, which then can be dedusted and ready for stacking.


Baker Products offers turnkey systems. From log merchandising, to material handling, to finishing the material as a final product, Baker has you covered.

Beginning the process is the Baker 48” Slasher Saw. It is operator controlled by joysticks. Once the log is positioned by hourglass rollers, at the desired cut-to-length point, the circular slasher-saw is lowered in a chopping action. Dual log clamps hold the material in place as the log is cut to length. The Baker Circle Slasher Log Cut-Off System includes the Log Infeed Deck, Hourglass Rollers, and the 48” Circle Slasher with two 90 degree log transfer onto 3-Strand Log Infeed Deck.

Next is the Circular Tri-Scragg, which can produce 40,000+ BF per day and cuts through material with two 48” diameter circular blades. The log cutting capacity is up to 18” in diameter. This system is fully hydraulic with a variable feed speed. A horizontal band saw head splits the center belt into two 3-sided cants.

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Slabs are sent to the Baker Band Edger that is powered by two 20-hp electric motors and cuts with 1¼ ” wide band blades.

All four 3-sided cants are now sent to the Baker Double End Trim to quickly and precisely cut the cants to length. Material can be cut to length at feed speeds up to 60 feet per minute. This machine comes standard with a 12” wide waste conveyor for removal of end trim waste blocks.

Once precisely cut to length, the material is now ready to be sent to Baker Multi-Head Resaws. Resaws have our Baker’s exclusive Low-Profile Flat Guide Plates and Guide Wheel System to hold the blade securely. The Baker Multi-Head Resaw holds a fully variable feed speed from 20-120 fpm and can contain 1-9 heads on a single frame, increasing your production rate easily. Our Model C Resaws are the only 3-sided continuous feedworks on the market today and are built heavy duty and high quality for greater cutting accuracy.

Concluding the entire process, the finished boards are dedusted by our M4i DeDuster, which successfully rids any dust that remains on the boards after exiting the resaws.

Material handling is also offered through Baker Products. Various conveyors and helpful equipment such as the Stacking Rack and the self-dumping Steel Hopper are all accessories that can help your operation run quickly and efficiently. Complete waste conveying can also be provided as required.

No other system can provide you any higher recovery rates or gains on your raw material cost while delivering the highest production rate output in board footage per shift.

Editor’s note: The preceding was paid advertorial by Baker Products.