Two Wood-Mizer Portable Sawmill Owners Turn Their Passion into a Profession

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“Making Dreams Come True” has been Wood-Mizer’s motto for many years, and every two years, they give their customers the opportunity to demonstrate craftsmanship, creativity, determination and triumph in the company’s Personal Best Contest. This year, two small business owners entered the contest and stood out for the passion showcased in their projects and their business model for making a living with their Wood-Mizer sawmill. As you explore these and other remarkable projects, you will find a common bond: they all started with a dream and a Wood-Mizer.

Couple Creates Eternal Timber with Wood-Mizer LT70

“Building it right to last forever” is what the British Columbia based Eternal Timber and Design is all about. Eternal Timber offers a variety of wood furnishings and architectural elements that are all handcrafted and custom made. Eternal Timber makes everything from beds and dining tables to exterior structures by utilizing a Wood-Mizer LT70 to turn their douglas fir trees into usable lumber for whatever project they need.

Shawn Wiebe, the “heart and soul” of Eternal Timber and Design, began his love for woodworking at a young age and has been building and framing homes since he graduated high school. Since the first makeup vanity table he made for his mother more than 20 years ago, Shawn continues to create one-of-a-kind pieces for any project that comes his way.

Shawn and his wife and business partner Carlee, entered multiple projects into the 2013 Wood- Mizer Personal Best Contest which included a fireplace mantel, town entry gate and even a tree house for their daughters while they worked on remodeling their own home. Whether the project is for business or personal use, Eternal Timber and Design always begins with a douglas fir and a Wood-Mizer.

For more information about Eternal Timber and Design, visit: or connect on Facebook.

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Wood-Mizer LT15 Helps Build ‘True’ South Carolina Business

From old southern heirlooms to whiskey barrel furnishings, Corey Airington and his Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill do it all. Inspired by the love of making anything unique and historical, Corey established the Jefferson, South Carolina based True South Builders in 2008 and has since provided personally handcrafted woodworking products to the public. True South Builders has a mission, “To create unique woodwork in the ways of the craftsmen of the past to make each piece seem like it came from the pages of a history book.”

True South Builders offers wood products from keepsake boxes to pine siding and has recently completed a farmhouse table, fireplace mantel, colonial garden shed and even a restoration of a sharecropper’s home. Corey submitted these projects and more in the 2013 Wood- Mizer Personal Best Contest staying true to historical farm and plantation architecture found from the “back roads of the South Carolina low country.”

Corey said the versatility of his Wood- Mizer LT15 is pivotal for the wide variety of products he makes. “The ability to make my own lumber, including studs, rafters, roof sheathing and clapboards for more structure based jobs is very important for my business,” Corey said. When talking about a project where he transformed a whiskey barrel into a beautiful coffee table, Corey said, “I just couldn’t believe I had created something so unique with the help of my Wood-Mizer.”

For more information about Corey and True South Builders, visit: www. or connect on Facebook.

To see all of Corey’s 2013 Personal Best projects, visit: