EGL Green Diode Laser by Ellison Sales Offers Broader Operating Temperature Range

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Sharper, easier-to-see lines and specific cut lines by mixing red and green are now offered.

Ellison Sales, a recognized leader in industrial laser applications since 1972, is proud to announce a major breakthrough with the introduction of the STREAMLINE EGL Series green diode lasers. Green lasers have been on the market for many years, but have been costly and plagued with an extremely narrow operating temperature range.

The EGL Green Diode laser offers better contrast, viewable by operators suffering from color blindness, and green spectrum lighting is four times brighter than red. The EGL offers a quick and simple way to differentiate between saws in many edging and cutting operations while offering superior contrast and visibility in bright work environments. Our preliminary testing indicates that the EGL series has broadened the operating temperature range while drastically reducing the cost.

If your operation needs a sharper, easier-to-see line or if you need to show specific cut lines by mixing red and green, then wait no longer. Contact Ellison Sales, Inc. today at 888-244-0161 or email for complete details on the EGL Series.