Your Operation Can Bring It! Unleash an Industrial Level of Processing Capabilities Without Breaking the Bank

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Wood-Mizer offers a highly productive wood processing system by combining an LT70DCS mill with three or four machines which maximize production and efficiency. 

For about the same cost of a single industrial breakdown headrig, having a highly productive wood processing system is possible by matching the LT70DCS with three or four machines which maximize the mill’s production and efficiency. This system not only moves lumber efficiently, it can run with as few as two additional people.

1) The LT70DCS – is designed and engineered with productivity enhancing features such as the fast and powerful hydraulics, a heavy duty bi-directional chain turner, debarker, Accuset 2 Setworks, and a powerful diesel engine. In addition Wood-Mizer’s Northeast Branch Manager and veteran sawyer, Dave Scott, shares that the LT70’s deluxe board dragback system is the most accurate compared to bragback performance on other mills. “99.9% of the time, the LT70’s dragback gets that board exactly where it needs to go.” Additionally the ability to position the operator in front of the mill and the longer blade run time due to the larger diameter blade wheels make the LT70 system capable of meeting high production demands.

2) The Conveyor – The LT70’s dragback accuracy makes the addition of an inclined conveyor the ideal solution for moving your boards away from the mill and down your processing line. Your tailman can focus on keeping the lumber moving towards the edger.

3) The Transfer Table – is an alternative solution to hiring someone to move your boards for further processing. Installing a versatile transfer table allows you to move slabs, finished lumber, and flitches in three different directions efficiently. A simple two button system will let you kick slabs off the back of the table into your slab collection area, move finished lumber forward to be stacked, and roll flitches down to the bottom of the table so they are ready to be put through the twin blade edger. The transfer table can be customized for right-hand or left-hand use, and simply requires standard shop air and 110V AC to operate.

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4) The Edger – Wood-Mizer’s twin-blade edger will give your operation the flexibility and speed. In one pass, the EG200 twin blade edger takes boards fresh off the mill and turns them into clean, square edged lumber. This edger is easy to use, with one fixed blade and one moveable blade that adjusts with a manual dial. Easily select the size of lumber you need between 3 and 15 inches wide. Wood-Mizer’s tests have consistently shown that by adding an edger, productivity can increase up to 30%.

Optional Log Infeed Deck and Sawdust Conveyor – In place of the hydraulic loading arm, choose the log infeed deck so you can stage your logs and advance them one at a time onto the sawmill with ease. In addition, the sawdust conveyor provides a practical, low maintenance way to deal with sawdust waste, directing it all into one central place where it can be blown out or collected for later removal.

The Bottom Line- Pairing the LT70DCS with these additional machines produces lumber efficiently and eliminates material flow bottlenecks that can stunt your productivity and profitability. With the right system your sawing operations can produce an industrial level and set the standard for success.

1. MILL — LT70 DCS

• unique visibility of cut and work area

• enhanced dragback

• powerful command station

• powerful log handling

• wide head option available—saws up to 40″ diameter logs


• moves boards away from mill

• eliminates a

dedicated tailman


• move lumber in 3 directions

• kick slabs off, or roll flitches down with the push of a button

• keeps lumber organized

4. EDGER— EG200

• increase lumber value

• streamline edging

• quickly adjust widths

(Diagram captions: Slab rack, Finished lumber , Flitches, , Optional Sawdust Conveyor, Optional Log Deck)


Editor’s note: The preceding was paid advertorial by Wood-Mizer.