Rayco Grinder Provides Compact, Economical Solution

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The only thing better than a compact horizontal grinder is a compact horizontal grinder on tracks! Rayco’s RH1754 Horizontal Grinder is now available in a self-propelled version that rides on a heavy-duty, steel track undercarriage.

This adds another element of versatility to the RH1754, making it easier to move the machine around job sites and to perform tasks like windrowing material or sorting material into different piles. The 240hp, RH1754-240 on tracks weighs just 20,500lbs and is just under 8-ft wide, to avoid permits when trailering.

A wireless radio remote operates each track independently, to provide precise control and two-speed final drives allow for creep speed or high-speed travel. The RH1754 is an economical solution for producing high-quality mulch from a variety of wood waste materials, pallets, wood chips, etc. Finally… there’s a horizontal grinder on tracks within reach of the small contractor. For more details, contact visit www.raycomfg.com or call 800-392-2686.