Horizontal Shredder from Vecoplan for Lineal Scrap

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Vecoplan’s VTH 45/12/2 VU is one of the company’s comprehensive line of continuous feed, horizontal shredders for lineal scrap. The VTH 45/12/2 VU features an 18″ wide x 5″ high in feed opening, a continuous feed 16’ vibratory feed conveyor and is designed specifically for shredding strips, moldings, siding, profiles, composite lumber, pipe, or any long waste.

The VTH 45/12/2 VU’s high output, “Torsion Point” cutting rotor is 16″ in diameter, and powered by a 60 HP drive motor. 24 – 40x40mm cutting inserts are recessed into, and bolted onto the rotor. Each insert features four points that can be quickly and easily rotated to extend cutting life. Developed and patented by Vecoplan, the “U” cutting rotor is engineered for durability.

Lineal scrap is pulled into the rotor by both top and bottom feed rollers. Each feed roller is driven by separate 2 HP motors, the dual feed rollers deliver aggressive positive feeding and at the same time provide added safety by minimizing material bouncing or flopping common to long scrap. The material is then cut between the inserts on the rotor and a replaceable serrated bed counter knife.

For more information contact Vecoplan at 336-861-6070, email: info@vecoplanllc.com or visit the website at www.Vecoplan.com