TransLineator™ Technology: Revolutionizing Lumber Handling 

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USNR’s innovative new TransLineator system enables feeding boards into a planer with a micro-gap, without the need for a long bridge. 

TransLineator is the most flexible board feeding device on the market. At planer infeeds it allows pull-through action with micro-gapping, feeds via smooth or lug chain, and replaces the need for pineapple rolls, shear and a long bridge. At the outfeed it slows down boards and feeds directly into lugs.

USNR’s innovative new TransLineator system is the most space-saving design of its kind. It eliminates the need for a long bridge to feed the planer. It can operate at slower, more controlled feed speeds, yet achieve the same high piece rates. It uses pull-through technology to create a micro-gap, ensuring efficient planer operation and gentle board handling even at speeds up to 4000 fpm. Combining innovative machine design with dynamic process control, the TransLineator system is gentle, efficient, and set to revolutionize planer mill operations everywhere.

How It Works

The roll angle efficiently transitions the lumber orientation from transverse, to diagonal, to lineal, and vice versa. The rapid change in direction and the sudden acceleration to high feed speeds, allows the system to accurately and consistently create a micro-gap between boards entering the planer. This maximizes planer throughput while eliminating product damage.

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In a typical pull-through feeding system lumber is rapidly accelerated to high speeds in the long bridge section, then decelerated inside the planer to allow the following board to catch up in an effort to reduce the gap. But the gap amount cannot be accurately or consistently controlled with this type of feed system, and a large gap reduces the throughput of the planing system – the planer spends a lot of time just planing air.

New Planer Applications

In new planer mill designs, the TransLineator system enables feeding boards into the planer with a micro-gap, without the need for a long bridge. This significantly reduces the space requirements for a planer line. USNR’s unique TransLineator can also be used at the planer outfeed to slow pieces down just as gently. It can feed directly into lugs, which eliminates the need for transfer decks and lug loaders. The space-saving TransLineator system allows extra room to fit advanced technology like the Lineal High Grader (LHG) automated planer grading system, into tight spaces.

Retrofit Planer Applications

The TransLineator system can be retrofitted into an existing line to replace outmoded feed tables and bridges. Replacing pineapple rolls with the TransLineator makes the planer line run smoother, with much less vibration and fewer jam ups. This retrofit is especially applicable for mills that cannot close the gap without damaging lumber. Downtime is greatly reduced. Need more production? The space-saving TransLineator infeed enables mills to replace an old planer with a higher speed model and fit it within the same physical area.

Planer Outfeed Applications

The TransLineator system enables mills to make significant upgrades to the planer mill operation that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. Often mills want to speed up the planer or add automated grading technology but find the downstream ramifications can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in building layout modifications in addition to equipment costs. Placing a TransLineator at the outfeed feeding directly into a lug chain allows you to remove unnecessary grading decks, lug loaders, and grade mark readers to free up critical space for more sort bins without having to reconfigure the back end of the mill.

Control System

PLC controls are the key to complete system integration. The PLC system ensures accurate gap control through continuous and synchronized chain movement and feed rolls. For information on how the TransLineator system can work to your advantage, watch the video at and contact us at 800-BUY-USNR or