Terex® Environmental Equipment Brings Its Popular Options On Whole Tree Biomass Chippers To The Customer

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Terex® Environmental Equipment manufactures a comprehensive line of biomass whole tree chippers.

Terex® Environmental Equipment is bringing its ever popular options on their Whole Tree Biomass Chippers to the customer.

TBC 430, 440 & 460

Terex® Environmental Equipment manufactures a comprehensive line of biomass whole tree chippers. The Terex® Biomass Chipper 400 series has three different models and supports customers from biomass plants, logging operations, sawmills, forest services, site clearing and land development.

The heart of the Terex TBC 400 series chippers is the massive 50″ diameter drum in all three models. This drum has a 1″ drum skin, full pocket cutting surface, and bolt-in replaceable wear parts. This drum gives Terex TBC 400 series chippers a mechanical advantage in cutting attack angle, wear, longevity, kinetic energy, and fuel efficiency over other drum chippers on the market.

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The large in-feed system and opening enables efficient feed of slash, limbs, short wood, and whole trees. Terex chippers use a full knife pocket across the face of the drum to produce superior high quality chip and faster load times.”

Terex biomass whole tree chippers are simply designed with fewer moving parts. With durable heavy duty construction and powder coat paint process Terex products are robust to work in any logging environment.

Options on the TBC 400 series Log Loader

Terex Environmental Equipment can provide a log loader with a cab, which allows for a single operator. Its log loader includes air conditioning and stereo. Terex’s Whole Tree Biomass Chipper with a log loader is a more self-contained chipper, and is perfect for right-of-ways.


Terex Environmental Equipment Whole Tree Biomass Chippers can be fitted with tracks, which covers various terrain. The wide tracks enable the chipper to float over ground, allowing for lighter ground pressure. Alternatively, the tracks can be narrow with taller grouser, ideal for navigating hilly, rocky terrain.

Air Compressors

With larger machines such as Whole Tree Biomass Chippers, air compressors help with knife changes and with keeping equipment clean, thereby prolonging the chippers life.

Hydraulic Clutches

The advantage of hydraulic clutches on the TBC 400 series is that they engage the drum which takes away the need to adjust the drum and most of the maintenance is done for the operator, aside from an oil change.

For more information on Terex Environmental Equipment products, please contact Louise McDonald, marketing executive, 1250 Commerce Drive, Farwell, Michigan, 48622, USA. Tel: toll free number at (800) 953 5532 or Philippa Fisher, group marketing manager, at +44 (0) 7799 437230. For further information on the full TEE product line visit the website www.terex.com/environmental-equipment.