Take blade maintenance in-house to increase productivity and profits

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Incorporating a sharpener and setter into your lumber production operation is ideal.

When sawing your own lumber, whether for business or personal use, the condition of your blade is of vital importance. In fact, it can be said that a sawmill is only as good as the blade that is on it. Having a sharp blade is key to producing high quality lumber, at a fast rate of speed, and having a constant supply of fresh blades is critical to meet high production demands. When managing your blade supply, there are three options to ensure you always have a sharp blade on hand. The first is constant purchasing. Some sawyers will use a blade until it has gone dull, toss it away, and grab another. This guarantees that there is always a fresh blade, but creates lots of waste. The second option is professional sharpening. Wood- Mizer’s ReSharp service, offered at their headquarters, branches, and through local authorized service and sharpening centers, is a convenient and easy way to have your blades sharpened and sent back. The third option can boost your operation’s productivity and efficiency. Incorporating a sharpener and setter into your lumber production operation is ideal and guarantees that you will always have sharp blades on hand, in the most convenient way possible.

Wood-Mizer has always prided itself on offering a wide variety of solutions for blade maintenance, and their line of sharpeners and setters provides a convenient and efficient way to keep your operation running at its peak level, regardless of the production demands. For hobbist sawyers and small business owners, who don’t require large blade volume, the BMS200 and BMS250 Sharpeners provide easy, efficient, and cost effective answers to maintaining blades on a day-to-day basis, but if your operation warrants a large blade volume and constant sharpening, Wood-Mizer’s BMS500 Sharpener is designed for going through hundreds of blades per week. It features industrial-grade construction, and automatic features that let you focus less on sharpening blades, and more on being efficient with your time. Capable of sharpening blades up to 3″, the BMS500 takes blades other sharpeners cannot handle, and the 8″ CBN grinding wheels provide higher quality, at higher speeds, for maximum output. It also has inboard carbide scrapers to deburr the blade, ensuring peak performance after sharpening.

Efficient operation is another stand out feature of the BMS500. The sharpener is quickly configured to stop after an exact number of teeth have been processed, and the user-friendly control station includes a tooth counter display, variable grinding speed, and two modes: Set-Up and Run. Wood-Mizer’s BMS500 Sharpener will also look great in your shop. The hood closes during operation for a clean work area and raises for blade insertion and removal, while the viewport and interior LED lighting lets you watch the sharpening process safely.

Blade maintenance doesn’t stop with sharpeners, and a Wood-Mizer Tooth Setter is the perfect solution to make sure your freshly sharpened blades are set to deliver maximum performance through each cut. Wood-Mizer’s BMT100 and BMT200 Setters offer simple, consistent, cost effective, manual tooth setting capabilities to ensure a high quality set every time. Both are perfect for low volume operations, but for large operations, requiring fast output, the BMT250 is the ideal solution. This setter is capable of fully automatic setting, of both sides of your blades, providing you with the most complete tooth setting solution available. This setter can be easily adjusted to support 1″-3″ blades and tooth spacing from ½” to 1 ¼”. Wood- Mizer’s BMT250 is the ideal ‘set-it and forget-it’ answer for your fast paced production environment.

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Blade maintenance is a necessity, like many others in the lumber industry, which comes with a number of solutions. It comes down to personal preference and what suits the specific needs of your own operation. If you decide to bring your blade maintenance in house, Wood-Mizer has the best blade maintenance equipment available. An investment in a Wood-Mizer sharpener and setter will be one you will not regret. See Wood-Mizer’s entire line of blade maintenance equipment at woodmizer.com.