Pink Tigercat 822C Feller Buncher On Display

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A pink Tigercat 822C feller buncher, owned by White Oak, Inc., was recently on display at the NE Forest Products Equipment Expo in Bangor, Maine. Painting his feller buncher pink was the idea of Dustin Marquis, a northern Maine logger who wanted to raise awareness and garner support for women who are battling breast cancer.

Marquis thought that the pink paint job would bring much attention to the cause and that donations could be made relative to the feller’s future hours of operation. With proper maintenance, it is expected that this machine will be working in the woods about another 30,000 hours.

Marquis took his idea to his boss and owner of White Oak, Inc., Mike Nadeau. Nadeau immediately got on board and contacted sales manager Keith Michaud at FrankMartin Sons, Inc., a Tigercat dealership with locations in Fort Kent and Madison Maine. Michaud agreed to help propel the project forward.

Within a matter of days, it was underway. In pitching the Loggers for Cancer fundraising idea to Tigercat’s corporate headquarters in Branford, Ontario Canada, Michaud said he was blown away by Tigercat’s response. A $2,000 donation would have made him happy, but Tigercat committed to donating $2 for every hour the machine is in operation, up to $100,000. The Loggers for Cancer fund will be supporting both the Edgar J. Paradis Cancer Fund and the Maine Cancer Foundation. Both programs assist Maine residents who are fighting cancer, as well as their families who are being affected by the illness.

If you would like to make a donation to support this effort, please call Kayla Daigle of Frank Martin Sons, Inc. at 1-800-822-6661.

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