Wood-Mizer’s New High Performance Blade

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The Turbo 7 Blade: Customers reporting to feed it with high horsepower and tough logs so it won’t go hungry.

Wood-Mizer has been testing, researching, and producing sawmill blade technology for more than 20 years, so discovering a new blade profile that outperforms all the rest was no easy feat. Getting real results meant going to where the native logs were, and for this blade, it meant the sweltering jungles of Guyana in South America.
By trying blade configurations blade manufacturers hadn’t considered before, the objective was to find a blade that would provide maximum run time and cut quality, no matter what species was placed on the mill. Carrying out this testing in an area where logs are known for their extremely abrasive qualities, Wood-Mizer’s Blade Team created and refined a groundbreaking new addition to their product line that surpassed their expectations. They have dubbed it the ‘Turbo 7’ sawmill blade.
This new blade can best be described with one word – hungry! After its high performance with South American hardwoods, Wood-Mizer brought it back to the US to see if it would perform as well for the domestic sawing market. According to Wood-Mizer’s own tests and initial response from customers, the blade has more than proven itself in sawing domestic white oak, hickory, ash, hard maple and similar hardwoods.
Initial users report that the blade handles anything they throw at it, and have found that they can avoid switching blades when switching between hardwoods and softwoods. Because of the big bite this tooth makes, it is most productive on higher horsepower sawmills (38hp+) and operations where higher feed rates and demanding production schedules must be maintained or exceeded.
According to longtime sawyer Kendall Loewen, who was one of the first to test out the new blade for Wood-Mizer, he shares that their company has completely converted to using the new blade. “We have been well pleased with the way they have performed. We have totally switched over and now that is all we run on our LT300. The main two differences we see is we can saw faster and still produce quality lumber, and the deeper gullet takes more of the sawdust out leaving less dust on the log.”
What makes this blade so unique? Wood-Mizer’s team of blade researchers and experts know making intricate changes to the science of a blade can bring significant results. However, while they are not giving away too much information on everything that makes this blade perform so well, the new blade configuration works well for a variety of reasons, including increased air flow in the cut and additional room for sawdust removal in tough hardwoods.
With all the issues sawmill operations face on a daily basis, this new blade may be one of those developments that help sawyers run more smoothly, efficiently, and help them produce more at the end of each day.

The new Turbo 7 now available in the following specifications:
(Wood-Mizer’s high alloy steel blades)
1.25″ x .045″ 1.5″ x .045″ 1.5″ x .055″
(Wood-Mizer’s carbon band blades)
1.5″ x .045″ 2″ x .042″
*Note the Turbo 7 will soon be available in 1.25″ x .055″ DoubleHard and SilverTip, 1.75″ x .055″ ST, and
2″ x .055″ ST.
These blades can also be maintained using Wood-Mizer’s CBN blade sharpening equipment with the
following wheels:
5″ CBN wheel #066268
8″ CBN wheel #066267
Wood-Mizer’s ReSharp service is also prepared to assist sawmills in maintaining this new profile.
Editor’s note: The preceding was paid advertorial by Wood-Mizer