Wagner Electronics Offers Revolutionary “Sweet Spot” Technology

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A paradigm shift is occurring in the way that mills are looking at lumber drying, and Wagner Electronics is at the forefront. 

A paradigm shift is occurring in the way that mills are looking at lumber drying, and Wagner Electronics is at the forefront of this shift. Tapping into a wealth of resources, Wagner Electronics has worked closely over the last five years with industry experts Tom Maness and Catalin Ristea of the University of British Columbia, and Mike Milota of Oregon State University. The outcome: Wagner’s breakthrough Moisture Management and Grade Recovery (MMGR) Program.
Having gone from visionary to reality, the MMGR Program utilizes a revolutionary patent and a new pending patent to bring a common-sense financial approach to the drying of softwood lumber.
Because incorrect data and statistics are often used, incorrect decisions about changes to kiln drying schedules lead to costly reductions in lumber grade. It can also cause an increase in drying-related energy costs, planer break-ups, and a decrease in kiln throughput.
Wagner Electronics now has a methodology to optimize your lumber value and allows you to maintain the optimum lumber value over many varying conditions.

Additional Benefits of MMGR
• Provides verification of proper functioning and calibration feedback for In-Kiln meters through all weather seasons and log diets.
• Shows kiln to kiln performance within the mill– Can characterize the performance of a new kiln.
• Deals with problematic non-normal distributions of drying data; eliminates wasteful time loss of chasing unreal drying problems due to improper data modeling.
• Consultants are available when needed to solve problems and to provide assistance and to improve results.
• Mills can benchmark their drying performance based on data from other mills. (Wagner does not share specific mill data unless authorized to do so.)
• Insures continuous use of moisture management tools and processes within the mill.
• Increases kiln throughput and reduces energy costs per charge.

Bottom Line
Customized program levels — from standard monitoring to advanced
diagnostic procedures; confirm a high rate of return for each MMGR dollar that you are investing while only paying for what you need.