Product Profiles – July 2009

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New products in the sawmill and logging industries.

Peterson to Demonstrate Sawmills
Representatives of Peterson Portable Sawmills will demonstrate the company’s portable sawmills in the U.S. this summer.
Demonstrations will be held July 21-23 at the Michigan Ag Expo in East Lansing, Michigan, and Sept. 10-12 at the Lakes States Logging Congress in Escanaba, Michigan.
Peterson Portable Sawmills offers a line of portable sawmills that run circular saw blades; the mills are also referred to as ‘swingblade’ mills because the blade swings or rotates 90 degrees to allow horizontal as well as vertical sawing.
For more information, call the company’s U.S. telephone at (877) 327-1471 or visit the Web site at

Morbark Innovations Respond to Growing Demand for Biomass
Morbark announced improvements to several machines at its Demo Days event in May.
The company made the improvements in response to growing demand for woody biomass for renewable fuel. The new innovations are aimed at helping biomass suppliers streamline their processes and reduce costs.
The Morbark model 23 Chiparvestor has become the first drum chipper to be fitted with a new Morbark Integrated Control System. The new control system automatically monitors hydraulic pressures and RPMs for increased output while maximizing fuel efficiency. It also enables remote monitoring of critical operating parameters via the Internet and can send notifications to a cell phone or e-mail address.
Morbark is now making its model 40/36 Biomass Chipper available as a track carrier machine to increase mobility for forest operations. The machine was introduced a year ago.
Morbark fitted its Beever™ M20R drum chipper with a hydraulic folding infeed deck with over 2 tons of hydraulic pulling force. The new infeed deck will improve loading efficiency to meet the requirements of entry level biomass chipping operations.
The Beever M20R easily handles crotched branches and bundles of smaller diameter wood. The hydraulic lift assist and constant hydraulic down pressure provide excellent material control for improved safety, better machine feeding and reduced saw labor.
For more information, call Morbark at (800) 831-0042 or visit

Premier Tech Acquires Equipment Manufacturer
Premier Tech, which makes automated bagging and packaging systems and other equipment, has acquired the assets of the equipment division of Graphic Packaging International. The division, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, manufactures packaging equipment and specializes in valve bag filling systems.
The acquisition will strengthen Premier Tech’s position as a North American leader in industrial flexible packaging. The addition of a sixth manufacturing facility will improve its presence in various markets, diversify its product line and enable to further penetrate markets.
The valve bag filling systems developed by the equipment division of Graphic Packaging International are used for packaging granular and powdered products, mainly in the food, chemical and mineral industries. These systems now will be marked by Premier Tech under the Stonepak label.
For more information, call Premier Tech at (418) 867-8883 or visit

Chamber of Commerce Honors Morbark President
Lon Morey, president and CEO of Morbark, was recently honored with the citizen of the year award by the Chamber of Commerce in Mt. Pleasant, Mich.
He was recognized for his extensive involvement in projects to benefit the community and his long-time support of area schools and hospitals.
As a company, Morbark’s 550 employees support annual campaigns for the United Way, Red Cross, Toys for Tots and U.S. troops.
Morbark, based in Winn, Michigan, manufactures machinery and equipment for the forestry and sawmill industries.
For information abut its products, visit

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Wood-Mizer Site Lets Customers Design Mill
Wood-Mizer has added a new feature to its Web site that lets customers customize a portable band sawmill to their choosing.
The feature, called the Configurator, is accessible through the Wood-Mizer Web site, The new feature received over 2,500 visits the first day, according to Wood-Mizer.
After customers pick an engine size and sawmill accessories, Wood-Mizer e-mails them an estimate that includes pricing and pictures of the sawmill. Customers can also call and talk to a Wood-Mizer consultant to finalize details and receive special offers.
“The Configurator makes everything easier for the customer,” said Dave Mann, vice president of Wood-Mizer’s sawmill division. “That’s our goal. We have near-unlimited options for our sawmills, but we wanted to make choosing those options simple.”
Wood-Mizer is a leading manufacturer of portable band sawmills and also produces a line of thin-kerf band blades.
For more information, call Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182 or visit the Web site above.

Halvorsen Returns as Hallco Industries GM
Hallco Industries, which makes ‘live floor’ conveyors for trucks and trailers, has appointed Russ Halvorsen as general manager.
He returns to the same position after a hiatus of seven years. Russ previously was general manager for 12 years at Hallco, and his experience and expertise will again be valuable to Hallco Industries.
Russ will be responsible for day-to-day operations, allowing company president Steve Hallstrom to focus on strategic planning and long-term development.
For more information, visit

Tidewater Equipment Rejoins Precision Husky
Tidewater Equipment has rejoined Precision Husky and will market the ProGrind line of equipment along with whole tree chippers and flail debarkers.
Tidewater Equipment has locations in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. The company was a dealer for Husky loaders in the 1980s.
The complete Precision Husky line of equipment includes 10 models of tub grinders and six models of horizontal grinders. They are available with engines from 100 hp to 1,100 hp.
Precision Husky also manufactures stationary chippers from 50 hp to 350 hp and four major sizes of mobile whole tree chippers and three distinct models of flail debarkers.
For more information, call Precision Husky at (205) 640-5181 or visit

Trace Equipment Offers Hopper-Fed Block Saw
Trace Equipment Corp., which supplies machinery for the pallet industry, is offering a new hopper-fed block saw. It is designed to enable one operator to cut 2×4 or 4×4 blocks from 24-inch drops.
The saw is powered by a 30 hp, 3-phase electric motor that can execute 20-25 cutting cycles per minute. At 16 blocks per cycle, the machine can produce 320-400 blocks per minute.
It runs a 14-inch circular saw blade on a 3-15/16-inch diameter arbor. It is fed by a pneumatic pusher and features an outfeed chute that drops into a hopper.
Options include a 20 hp electric motor and custom saw placement.
For more information call Trace Equipment at (877) 778-7223 or visit

Industrial Machinery Offers New Wood Shaving Mill
Industrial Machinery & Engineering has developed a new wood shaving mill. The model DBX60 features a double box 60 inches wide with slide-out knife heads.
The Industrial Machinery & Engineering model DBX60 is equipped with four 60-inch, 10-knife heads for twice the capacity. It can produce up to 100 cubic yards of wood shavings per hour, according to the company.
Industrial Machine & Engineering, which is based in Oak Grove, Missouri, manufactures wood shaving mills and other machinery and equipment for the forest products industry. The company specializes in custom shaving mills.
Industrial Machinery & Engineering can help design and build a project, whether it is a single machine or complete wood shaving plant, and it also will supply a do-it-yourself kit.
Industrial Machine & Engineering also offers three- and four-station bagging systems to package shavings into plastic bags. The company also manufactures log decks, shaving conveyors, drum shaving mills for scrap lumber, knife sharpeners, and sawdust-fired furnaces ranging from 15-60 BTU for rotary dryers.
For more information, call Industrial Machinery & Engineering at (816) 847-5877 or visit the company’s Web site at

Wood-Mizer Introduces Stellite Bandsaw Blade
Wood-Mizer has introduced a new bandsaw blade designed to saw abrasive, kiln-dried, tropical and specialty woods.
The new RazorTip uses Stellite®, a type of metal that stays sharp while cutting tough wood.
Wood-Mizer has developed and field tested the blade for more than a year. The RazorTip has been proven effective on tough, abrasive wood. The Stellite technology keeps the edge longer, and the blade can be sharpened more often.
Other companies manufacture Stellite blades, but Wood-Mizer is the first to set the teeth of the blade, offering various degree profiles, including 7 degrees and 10 degrees, according to the company. Each tooth is set and profile-ground to exact specifications, ensuring long life and quality cutting. In addition, Wood-Mizer sells the RazorTip blade for less than other competitive blades using Stellite.
“The RazorTip is the first of its kind,” said Randy Panko, sales manager for Wood-Mizer Blades. “We’re using Stellite technology with our own unique blade design, creating a blade that will outperform all others while sawing tough, abrasive wood.”
For more information, call Wood-Mizer at (800) 522-5760 or visit

Vista Machines Offers Angle Boss Up-Cut Saws
Vista Machines manufactures the Angle Boss line of up-cut saws. Angle Boss saws are easy to operate, cut quickly and accurately, and are safe to operate.
When operating an Angle Boss saw, the board is positioned under the guard-clamp. The saw is controlled by two buttons, one button for each hand. One button lowers the guard-clamp into place to hold the board; the second button powers the saw through the cut, lowers the saw back into the machine base, and the guard-clamp raises to release the board. The cycle automatically reverses if the operator releases either button at any time. Cycle time is about 2 seconds.
Angle Boss saws can make miter cuts. For mitering, left-right rotation of the saw table allows angle cuts up to 75 degrees from 0.
The model MB-18 can make bevel cuts and perform compound cuts. For bevel cuts, the blade can lay over to the left up to 45 degrees from 0; compound capability enables the saw to cut on any combined miter and bevel setting. A digital read-out scale is used for bevel settings.
The saw table rotates with a handle inserted into the table; any miter setting can be made within 10 seconds. A ½-inch drive ratchet with short extension is required to change bevel settings.
The same ‘point-of-cut’ at the fence line makes it easy to set up the length of cut.
Vista Machines also offers an AutoSet feature on standard machines that lets the operator input the desired angle setting via pushbutton keypad.
The company can provide solid and roller tables, manual and air-operated swing up material stops and complete CNC-operated cutting systems.
For more information, call Vista Machines at (717) 359-9212 or visit

Multitek Offers Splitter For Large Diameter Logs
The Multitek has introduced a new splitter for quartering large diameter logs. The Multitek Log Buster will quickly and efficiently quarter-split logs up to 6 feet in diameter and 10 feet long.
Applications for the machine include reducing large logs to a manageable size for firewood processing, grinders or other equipment.
The Multitek Log Buster is powered by a John Deere 115 hp diesel engine that generates 100 tons of splitting force. It comes standard with a four-way wedge that can be adjusted for different diameters.
The Multitek Log buster comes with wireless operator remote control. Other safety features include log centering paddles that hydraulically center the log and ensure clean, safe splitting.
The machine weights over 15,000 pounds and is equipped with a pintle ring for highway transport.
Multitek manufactures equipment and machinery for producing firewood, including splitters, firewood processors, grapples and attachments, screens and conveyors, and more.
For more information, call Multitek at (800) 243-5438 or visit

Cat Launches New Line of Forwarders
Caterpillar has launched a new line of forwarders with the introduction of two models, the Cat 584 and 584HD.
The new forwarders are designed for the demanding requirements of transporting large payloads long distances over difficult terrain while providing operator comfort, controllability and serviceability.
The model 584 has a capacity of 18 metric tons and the model 584HD, 20 metric tons. Model 584 is available in six-wheel drive or eight-wheel drive; model 584HD is eight-wheel drive.
Both models are powered by the Cat C7 Tier-III-compliant engine with ACERT technology that delivers 204kW of gross power at 1,800 rpm. A field-proven hydrostatic propel system provides maximum power on grade through a wide engine rpm and ground speed range, resulting in infinitely variable speeds at peak power and dynamic braking on steep terrain.
Fuel efficiency is achieved by a large diameter cooling fan that has its own hydraulic pump with speed control modulated by the forwarder control system.
All major components and systems are easily accessible for service through the forward-tilting engine canopy and hydraulic tilt cab; boom grease lines can be serviced safely from the ground.
For more information, visit

Fecon Announces Field Testing for Biomass Chipper System
Fecon is seeking qualified companies to field test its new RTC-22 Mobile Biomass Chipper.
The Fecon RTC-22 Biomass Chipper is designed to chip and collect biomass. Equipped on a forwarder chassis, the one-step, in-woods process offers a high production rate of 20 to 30 tons per hour.
The Fecon RTC-22 features a 22-inch capacity chipper and is powered by a 365 hp diesel engine.
Companies that interested in participating in field tests should call Fecon at (800) 528-3113 or e-mail
Fecon manufactures the Bull Hog® forestry mulcher and FRM70 Brush Hog attachments, FTX track carriers, tree shears, grapples and stump grinders. Its equipment is used for clearing land, clearing rights-of-way, maintaining parks and trails, removing invasive species, restoring wildlife habitat, creating fire breaks, and other forestry and vegetation management applications.
For more information on Fecon’s RTC-22 Biomass Chipper or other Fecon products,
call the number above or visit

Letter to the Editor
Idaho Forester Finds Magazine ‘Informative’
My position as a private forestry specialist involves providing technical forestry assistance to private forest landowners and working with logging contractors to meet the requirements of the Idaho Forest Practices Act. I also serve on the Bonner County Fire Mitigation Advisory Committee, which oversees hazardous fuels treatments on private forest lands in order to reduce the risk of wildfire. These duties place me in daily contact with forest landowners, logging contractors and related businesses and organizations.
I find each issue of TimberLine magazine very informative in keeping me abreast of the latest developments affecting the forest products and utilization industry. I circulate each copy of TimberLine to other foresters in my office. And afterwards, I quite often pass the magazine along to an interested forest landowner, logging contractor or portable sawmill operator with an article or advertisement flagged for their attention.

— Bill Love, Certified Forester
Idaho Department of Lands
Sandpoint, Idaho