Product Profiles – May 2009

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New products and information in the industry.

Morbark Sets Demo Days May 7-8 at Michigan HQ
Morbark will hold its third annual Demo Days event May 7-8 at its headquarters in Winn, Michigan.
The Morbark Demo Days features extensive demonstrations of Morbark equipment as well as factory tours, seminars and more.
This year’s Morbark Demo Days will feature demonstrations of several whole tree drum-style chippers designed for the biomass market, a Total Chiparvestor, two horizontal grinders, a tub grinder, a flail, and a new, heavy-duty brush chipper equipped with an infeed deck.
The Morbark Integrated Control system, a state-of-the-art diagnostic and communications system featured on many of these machines, will be demonstrated, too.
The event is staffed by Morbark employees and also involves Morbark dealers and vendors. It is a good opportunity to network with others in the forest products industry, too.
For more information, call Morbark at (800) 831-0042 or visit

Risley Introduces New Chipper to U.S. Market
Risley Equipment is introducing a new chipper that has been successfully used in forestry operations in Canada.
The new Risley Rolly R18C chipper can be used in all species of hardwood and softwood.
The Rolly R18C, when paired with an excavator or other carrier, can be used to chip standing timber and vegetation as well as for logging slash and other applications.
The Rolly R18C is somewhat similar to mulching attachments that are attached to a carrier and used to process standing timber and vegetation into mulch, but there is an important distinction. The Rolly R18C is similar to a single-grip processor or harvester, and it grips the tree with its rollers and limbing arms for full control of the stem.
The chipper is located at the bottom in the same area where a felling saw would be. When the machine grips a standing tree, the chipper severs the bottom. As the operator holds the stem, he feeds it through the limbing knives and rollers to the chipper.
The chipper’s planer teeth are replaceable. Options include regular harvester-processor attachments, so it can be used alternately as a harvester or processor.
The Risley Rolly R18C chipper is designed for working in trees up to 18 inches in diameter.
The chipper has been used successfully in British Columbia to remove trees infested by mountain pine beetles.
For more information, call Risley Equipment at (866) 783-7243 or visit

Risley Taps Gafner for U.S. Support-Sales
Risley Equipment has appointed Tim Gafner to U.S. product support-sales.
Tim, who lives in Escanaba, Michigan, formerly worked for Roland Machinery.
He has more than 25 years of experience in the forest machine industry, including such areas as technical training, sales, product support, service and management.
Risley Equipment manufactures machines and equipment for the forestry industry, including the Eclips brand of multi-purpose track carriers, RotoSaw felling saws, Rolly harvester, processors and chippers, and others.
For more information, call the company at (866) 783-7243 or visit