Product Profiles – January 2009: Morgan Saw Co. has developed a new gang saw

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Morgan Saw Offers New Stake Gang Saw

            Morgan Saw Co. has developed a new gang saw for producing stakes and other lumber products.

            The gang will cut material down to 18 inches long, ¾-inch to 2 inches thick, and up to 12 inches wide. Cutting width can be set by using spacers and the appropriate number of saw blades.

            The new Morgan stake gang is powered by a three-phase electric motor ranging from 20-50 hp. Feed rollers are standard.

            Morgan also can customize the machine for any application.

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            For more information, contact Morgan Saw at (800) 344-7297, e-mail or visit

Sellick Equipment Offers Tow Forklift

            Sellick Equipment, which specializes in rough terrain forklifts, has developed a new tow forklift.

            The Sellick STT80 tow forklift can tow heavy or extremely large loads efficiently and safely in rough terrain conditions.

            Designed primarily for the modular home manufacturing industry, the STT80 has a lift capacity of 13,000 pounds at 12 inch load center and an 8,000 pound drawbar pull.

            The Sellick STT80 is equipped with a Dieselmax turbocharged Tier III engine and power-shift transmission and is available in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive. It comes with a slide-type, no-bearing mast with a 2-5/16-inch ball hitch for easy engagement plus many more standard features.

            For more information, contact Sellick Equipment at (877) 735-5425, e-mail or visit


West Salem Offers New Case Option for Horizontal Grinders

            West Salem Machinery has added a hydraulic case option to its horizontal grinder to improve machine access, reduce downtime and increase safety.

            The use of a pivoted, split front housing combined with dual hydraulic cylinders mounted to the sides of the machine makes the hog faster, simpler and safer to open. The large opening provides excellent access to common wear components, including the anvil, hammers and screens.

            West Salem is the first to build the unique design, according to the company.

            For more information on hydraulic cases for horizontal grinders or more, call West Salem at (800) 722-3530 or visit

Silvaris Expands to Pacific Northwest StatesFlorida

            Silvaris Corp. has expanded its marketing service for oriented strand board (OSB) into the Pacific Northwest states and Florida.

            Buyers in Washington, Oregon and Florida now can purchase OSB online through the Silvaris Web site, Existing regions were also refined to reflect better marketplace outreach.

            Buying OSB online through the Web now will be easier and more reliable. Refining regions has enabled Silvaris to offer delivered prices that more accurately reflect freight costs in specific areas. Products will also be made available that may not be available in other areas.

            Buyers in these areas, and other areas, can visit the Web site any day, any time, and view the most current products and prices available. Once an account is set up, members can purchase a load or more of OSB any time.

            “We are really glad about being able to supply these regions,” said Kurt Bray, CEO of Silvaris. “Our ultimate goal is to make it possible for anyone in North America to buy OSB online, and the changes we have made today are just one more step towards that.”

            Silvaris is a trading company that specializes in buying and selling wholesale quantities of OSB, plywood, softwood and hardwood lumber, cut stock, and building material surplus and seconds.

            For more information, visit the Web site at

New Fecon Machine Harvests Small Trees, Then Chips Them

            Fecon has developed a new machine to harvest small-diameter trees in the forest and process them into chips.

            The Fecon Bio-Harvester performs both functions: it fells and chips.

            The Fecon Bio-Harvester can be mounted to the Fecon FTX440, a 440 hp forestry crawler tractor, or to a large horsepower tractor PTO. The FTX440 is also capable of towing and powering an agricultural dump wagon to collect chips.

            Material is chipped using Fecon Bull Hog chipper knives or carbide tools, then augured to a material processing fan and blown into a collection unit. It can discharge from the rear or the side, enabling it to be used with a variety of different trailers.

            Applications for the Fecon Bio-Harvester include pre-commercial and commercial thinning, non-merchantable timber and brush. It enhances forestry management and processes low-grade woody material into renewable biomass for energy production.

            Fecon is improving the design of the Bio-Harvester to increase productivity and to make it more viable for other applications, such as logging slash.

            For more information, call Fecon at (800) 528-3113, e-mail or visit