Product Profiles, November 2008

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New Products, Events in the Forest Products Industry.

John Deere named Fergus/Peters Group as the advertising and public relations agency for its forestry business. The action came a year after John Deere chose the company for its construction business.

      “Having Fergus/Peters Group take on our forestry work is a natural extension of the outstanding work its team has been doing for construction,” Craig Olson, manager of marketing and communications for John Deere’s construction and forestry division, said in a statement. “They will bring the same energy and enthusiasm to the compelling stories we have to tell about John Deere forestry.”

      Fergus/Peters has established itself in the past 11 years by producing high-impact communications campaigns for a small group of business-to-business clients.

      “We are confident that the strong collaboration we’ve achieved in the first year with Deere will continue on the forestry side of their business,” said Brian Peters, a partner with Fergus/Peters Group.

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Stripper Pull-Through Delimber Not Hydraulic

      The Stripper pull-through delimber from Stripper Mfg. is a simple, fast, dependable device to delimb softwood and hardwood trees. It features a patented design without hydraulics and only two moving parts.

      The Stripper sets up in minutes and can increase production and improve safety. Some customers have tripled production in softwood, according to the manufacturer.

      The hydraulic-free design provides fast, low maintenance delimbing. The reversible, bolt-in knives can be changed easily, and the light-weight head is easy on trailers. A Hultdins hydraulic topping saw is optional.

      An adapter plate enables easy attachment to the gooseneck of a trailer when the loader is mounted on the trailer. For loaders mounted on a truck, the Stripper can be purchased with its own chassis, which features an extendable tongue; the Stripper chassis is easily towed with a 1-ton truck.

      The Stripper can be used to delimb trees from 3-1/2 inches to 15 inches in diameter. Designed primarily for fir, spruce, hemlock, pine, cedar, and similar softwoods, it is also effective on poplar and smaller diameter hardwoods.

      The Stripper is available throughout the U.S. and Canada, and financing is available.

      For more information, call Stripper Mfg. at (207) 890-6597 or visit

Bandit Machines Grind Grass for Biomass Fuel

      Bandit Industries machines have been successfully used in Poland to reduce bales of grass into usable biomass fuel.

      Several diesel-powered Bandit Beast Recyclers have been processing grasses for about a year, and a new electric-powered Beast was scheduled to go into operation in November.

      Artur Glowa, a Bandit dealer in Poland, has demonstrated Bandit Beast Recyclers in a number of applications over the years, but grinding bales of grass is a relatively new application.

      A model 3680 Beast Recycler is being used to grind bales of grass into biomass fuel for a paper plant; the fuel is used to fire a boiler that supplies electricity and steam to the plant. With its long infeed bed, the machine can continuously process bales, ensuring steady fuel production.

      A new knife option for the Beast Recyclers holds a lot of promise for tougher grass applications. When processing grass, production was 30-35 tons per hour with the new knives. For bales that may be contaminated with pieces of stone, butcher teeth are preferred and have proven very effective in reducing bales of hay.

      For more information, contract Bandit Industries at (800) 952-0178 or visit

AIM Redesigns HDT18 Thumb for Excavators

      AIM Attachments has redesigned and improved its HDT18 universal mechanical excavator thumb.

      It features a tough, AR400 steel structure and is built for a tight fit to work with any bucket with no wasted motion.

      The AIM HDT18 thumb is 18 inches wide and 46 inches long. It is designed to fit machines in the 20-35,000-pound range. Standard features include oversize alloy steel pins, specially designed AR400 steel tines with serrated edges, and a mounting bracket with three working positions.

      The AIM HDT18 thumb is engineered to fold up tight and make storing a fast, simple process.

      AIM thumbs increase the versatility of any excavator. They are designed for use in such applications as waste handling, rip rap, demolition, brush removal and other tasks.

      For more information, call AIM Attachments at (800) 803-3365 or visit

Log Max 6000 Head Suited for Final Felling

      The Log Max 6000 harvester attachment is a light-weight head suitable for final felling. It combines low weight with high power and is especially designed for large wheeled carriers.

      The Log Max 6000 features well placed guards and heavy covers in order to protect internal components and hoses from damage. High performance saw hydraulics provide full flow to the bottom saw for fast cutting.

      The Log Max patented knife control system increases productivity by minimizing feed friction. The compound curve delimbing knife profile provides excellent stem coverage and increased log quality.

      The Log Max 6000 is built on the same successful hydraulics as the Log Max 7000 and 9000.

      Log Max offers a number of different models with various options that allow each head to be customized to specific job requirements, providing loggers with flexibility and productivity.

      Log Max, a Swedish company with operations in Vancouver, Washington, has been designing and manufacturing machines for mechanized forestry operations since 1980. The company’s main product line is the single-grip harvester, which will fell, delimb and cut to length.

      For more information, call Log Max at (360) 699-7300 or visit

Ore. Logging Conference Scheduled Feb. 19-21

      The Oregon Logging Conference will be held Feb. 19-21 in Eugene, Ore. The 71st annual event will feature exhibits of logging, construction, trucking and heavy equipment. The theme of the 2009 conference is ‘New Faces, New Ideas, New Technology.’

      The Oregon Logging Conference features informative educational seminars and panel discussions on forestry-related topics. These educational opportunities are valuable to forestry professionals, who earn professional logger credits while networking and exchanging ideas with their peers.

      The conference will open Feb. 19 with keynote speaker John Carpenter, president of Caterpillar’s forest product division.

      Seminar topics will include upgrading log trucks and equipment, improvements in radio-controlled chokers, EPA diesel engine mandates, building and maintaining roads, operational considerations of unstable slopes, forest practices, logging operation job costing, and more.

      For more information or to register, call (800) 595-9191 or visit

Sierra-Cascade Conference, Expo, Kicks Off ’09 Shows

      The Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference and Equipment Expo will kick off the 2009 trade shows of the forest products industry. The 60th annual event will be held Feb. 12-13 in Anderson, Calif.

      Last year’s conference and expo featured one of the largest displays of forestry equipment on the West Coast. The expo features over 100 indoor and 100 outdoor exhibit spaces.

      For more information or to register, call (530) 365-1173 or visit